WWII Pictures

I have been interested in World War II since I was young. All of my grandparents served either in the military or a government office.  My cousins and I would draw tanks and make flip books with planes flying and dropping bombs. So, the military and World War II especially been with me for a very long time.

I had the opportunity to work for the National Military History Center and work with the staff to find pictures to display in the museum galleries. I was always amazed at the pictures people would bring or share with us. I have spent countless hours looking through collections and even a visit to the National Archives in College Park, Md.

There are several popular images, such as the flag-raising on Iwo Jima or the sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, that are very well known and part of the recognized imagery of the largest war in history. What I will focus on with the images I present (from a variety of public sources) are a wide variety of wartime experiences. I hope you enjoy them.

Here are a list of categories of the photos posted to date:

Pearl Harbor