My Favorite Bookmarklet list 1

Bookmarklets are simple free tools that extend the surf and search capabilities of your web browsers. Bookmarklets allow you to extract information from a webpage, modify how you see a webpage, share information from a webpage to another service, and more! Bookmarklets do not require installation, but rather you drag the […]

Auto DM tweet

Auto DM tweet

Auto DM tweet

Twitter Tip: How not to Auto-DM

An Auto-DM or Auto Direct Message is a tool to automate a process in Twitter to privately send someone a message. In the Direct Message above, someone sent a DM after I followed them. I would not recommend using auto-DM as regular mode of operation.

TIP: If you are going to do an Auto-DM, do not tell people that you are doing such. It really looks like you don’t care.

Twitter Branded Pages By Twylah

I was introduced to Twylah last week by @kmullett  while at work. I applied for the beta invite and got in the next day. ( Thanks to @twylah for letting me in to take a look at this. It is greatly appreciated.)  This site is still in beta. Unlike other betas […]

Twitter Branded Pages by Twylah