Trover : A new, fun way to share photos of things you find based on location

On Oct. 10, Trover announced the launch of its application on the Android platform. Trover allows users to share their discoveries with their friends using a location based system. A user takes a picture of something they find interesting (preferably in some artistic form), posts the image and description, and […]

Trover Application Discovery Screen

Auto DM tweet

Auto DM tweet

Auto DM tweet

Twitter Tip: How not to Auto-DM

An Auto-DM or Auto Direct Message is a tool to automate a process in Twitter to privately send someone a message. In the Direct Message above, someone sent a DM after I followed them. I would not recommend using auto-DM as regular mode of operation.

TIP: If you are going to do an Auto-DM, do not tell people that you are doing such. It really looks like you don’t care.