All Hail the King! AMC’s Breaking Bad getting set to kick-off final season 4

July 15th is already marked on my calendar! Not because I’m having a birthday party that day, but because the final season of Breaking Bad will be kicked off. I have the feeling that this is going to be the most exciting season yet and that things will end very […]

Curate Us - Go Beyond the Link - cirrusabs clip

Curate.us : A Web Clipping tool with Stats

I’m always interested in finding new ways to share things that I come across. Kevin Mullett showed me a site called Repost.us and I think took a look at its sister site, Curate.us. The site is a curation tool that allows you to share clips from sites. Below is an […]

Facebook-looking message is actually a scam

Facebook Friend Request is actually Phishing Scam

Here is the latest Phishing email I have received using Facebook as a cover. I have now received a half-dozen of these. These phishing attempts are trying to get you to give away personal sensitive information.┬áHere are a few things to look at regarding these emails that is not normal. […]