Well Klout, that’s a little awkward (even for Valentine’s Day) 2

Today, it seems, Klout will allow its users to give out +Kiss instead of its usual +K. I didn’t really notice it was happening (may be due to lack of sleep) until I was reviewing my Klout tweets and saw that I had received a kiss from Fabrice Bertelli. Ahh!! […]

Valentines Day +Kiss on Klout

New Twitter Activity Stream

Twitter adds activity feed that makes stream like a homepage

I was excited this morning when I logged into Twitter to see the new activity stream up and running. That was only one of two changes though. The mention tab is now an @USERNAME stream replaces the @Mentions and Retweets streams, combining those with stories about new followers, people favoriting your […]

Auto DM tweet

Auto DM tweet

Twitter Tip: How not to Auto-DM

An Auto-DM or Auto Direct Message is a tool to automate a process in Twitter to privately send someone a message. In the Direct Message above, someone sent a DM after I followed them. I would not recommend using auto-DM as regular mode of operation.

TIP: If you are going to do an Auto-DM, do not tell people that you are doing such. It really looks like you don’t care.

Auto DM tweet