MailTime: A chat-style Gmail app for your iPhone 1

MailTime App for iPhone: Emails in bubbles, read your email messages in an attractive Normally, I don’t mess with apps that attempt to improve upon other apps, but when I saw the MailTime app, I thought I’d give it a try for some reason. It advertised a chat-style appearance for a thread of Gmail emails as its main feature.

After downloading it from the App Store, I connected my Gmail account and gave it a run.

One thing that has recently bothered me about the Gmail app on the iPhone (and on the web as well) is the separation of promotions and social items. These aren’t always sorted correctly, so that kind of bothers me. Also, on the App I don’t need to sort through different categories to try to find something. Just put it all in one area. MailTime does just that. The only sort that it does is important emails vs. all emails. That is enough for me to mess with on a mobile device. The fewer clicks the better.

The chat bubble feature, making the email threads appear as SMS or text messages is pretty effective. It also limits the number of characters on most emails with a “read more” type of feature. The chat bubbles worked out real well with some of the shorter back-and-forth emails I had going, but I’m not completely sold on using this as a business tool. Normally, emails are longer and take a bit more writing to explain things. I’ll see if this gets any better over time.

Here’s a link to download the app on the App Store. It is currently on Apple devices. Coming soon to Google Play, according to the maker’s website.

Have you tried this app? Let me know your thoughts!

  • I’ve hated the way gmail separates social, promos and othr stuff. It seems to move stuff I want.