Examples of Media Outlets Taking Advantage of Spock’s Death on Twitter? 2

Leonard Nimoy  - Twitter Photos Search (5)Before anything else, let me say this: I have always been a huge fan of Star Trek. I have openly proclaimed to Star Wars fans that Star Trek is superior. As a kid I would watch The Original Series in syndication and Spock was my favorite character. In the last few years, my kids and I got to again see the talents of Leonard Nimoy as William Bell on Fringe. It is one of our favorite shows to currently watch on Netflix. Without a doubt, Nimoy and Spock and left their mark on this world.

I took to Twitter to see what has been posted about Nimoy and his passing. Tweets and posts from William Shatner and George Takei were especially meaningful. Then I started going through the pictures and reminiscing over a part of my childhood.

All was well and good until I came upon the picture below for askmen.com. It features Spock and a quote from Nimoy. Then at the bottom right there is a marketing “call to action” to visit their site. I guess this got on my nerves a bit. How appropriate is this?Leonard Nimoy  - Twitter Photos Search (2)

Then I found some more pictures with logos attached to images of Nimoy and Spock.

Leonard Nimoy  - Twitter Photos Search (4)

Leonard Nimoy  - Twitter Photos Search (3)
Leonard Nimoy  - Twitter Photos Search (1)
Leonard Nimoy  - Twitter Photos Search


Why would companies put their logos on images like this? The answer is simple. In social media they are doing it to gain exposure to their product. By getting retweets, their logos are traveling with it in the image, and anyone who lifts the image from Twitter will be stuck with the logo as well. Does anyone see this as being more than just a signature, or is it just me? Maybe I’m just old fashined in that one should not “prosper” from someone’s death.

I could also get into copyright as well. Two of the images are attributed to their source. The others contain pictures that had been already scattered through the interwebz.

And this little bit from ABC 7 New York really gets me! Probably the faux pax of the day?

Leonard Nimoy  - Twitter Photos Search (6)


I’ll end that little rant here.

I was thinking about diving into the new season of House of Cards this weekend, but now I might just revisit The Original Series again.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

  • Stacy Reed

    I’m still torn about how I feel, Kelly. I think it’s great that so many people respect him and admired his work and they want to express that publicly. Fine for the average Joe, sure, but businesses shouldn’t be treating celeb deaths like advertising ops. It comes off as being tacky, not genuine, and their target market is smart enough to see right through it.

    • I agree Stacy. If it were some younger market it might be different. In many ways the best companies act like your friends. IS this how a friend would act? I doubt it. Thanks for the comment!