Introducing Annibirthentines Day Week – February 10-14

I’d like to introduce a holiday to everyone that my wife and I have been celebrating for several years – Annibirthentines Day Week.

What is Annibirthentines Day Week?

Annibrithentines Day Week is a celebration consisting of a trifecta of important holidays for my family. My wife and I were married on February 10. My amazing wife’s birthday is February 12. Then, we cap the week off with Valentine’s Day.  Anni(versary)+ birth(day) +(Val)entines Day + Week.

Annibirthentines Day Week Strategy

While some people say, “You’re so lucky!” There is much they forget in having these days so close together. Mainly, if this holiday goes badly, there is another 51 weeks until any romantic holiday comes along again. So, tread lightly Padawan learner.

No, this does not give me the ability to wrap everything up into one present. Each part of the holiday needs to receive the attention it deserves.

If you see my wife during this week, be sure to with her a Happy Annibirthentines Day Week!

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.