Extra Life Gaming Marathon to Support Riley Children’s Hospital



This year my son Cole and I are participating in the Extra Life Gaming Marathon to support a Childrens Miracle Network Hospital. The hospital we have chosen is Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. This hospital has and is currently helping save the lives of kids we know or have known. We’re excited that we’re able to help raise funds for such a worthy cause and have some fun with it at the same time!

If you’d like to donate to support the hospital and help us reach our goal, click here to visit a secure site for your tax-deductible donation.

As for the schedule for this marathon, Cole and I will be modifying it a bit. (I don’t want to keep the boy up all night!) We’ll be starting the night of Nov.1 [approx. 9 p.m. EST] and play as much as we can – achieving the 25 hours or more between the two of us! I will be posting updates of what we’re doing as the weekend goes on both on this page, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.