Reasons to catch all 5 Seasons of Fringe on Netflix 6


My favorite things about Netflix and other streaming services  is being able to tackle a whole run of a TV series that I have missed on first run and being able to sit and watch weeks or even months worth of shows in one sitting. I missed out on Fringe until reading about the start of the fifth and final season. Then, I thought this was a show that I should check out.

Fringe, based in Boston for most of the series, explores the paranormal events surrounding Olivia Dunham – an FBI agent who loses her partner and enlists the help of an institutionalized fringe scientist and his son to solve the murder and the events surrounding it. All of this leads to a world ripe with unexplained phenomena and the development of more sinister plots that must be stopped.

So instead of giving away the plot line of the 100 episode series and telling you how great the series is, I’ll break Fringe down into what kept me watching it. Hopefully, you too will find a reason to watch or rewatch Fringe.

1. It’s all about love. No, it’s not a sappy series, but it does take a look at the love between couples, as well as the love a father has for his child. (The sappyness ends here.)

2. The Observers. Who are these people and where do they come from? Oddly enough, my first though was the original “Men in Black” – not Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

280px-TheObserver3. September. See Picture and #2. He pops up here and there throughout the Fringe story, but his true nature and purpose are mind-blowing at the end.

4. Walter’s absent-mindedness. While dealing with things of life-and-death proportions, he would be thinking the funniest things.

5. How many ways can Walter mangle Astrid’s name? He could never remember the woman’s name that helped him daily. “Astro”and “Asterisk”  had to be my favorite substitutes.

6. The variety of phenomena. While starting out watching Fringe reminded me a bit of The X-Files, I still was amazed at the multitude of phenomena and monsters created in the show.

7. Alternate Universes! (I now realize that I will have to add a spoiler list below as not to ruin everything.)

8. John Nobles portrayal of Walter Bishop is excellent. Whether he is experimenting with hallucinogens or talking about quantum physics with his son, you kind of forget that Walter is played by an actor. I have to say that I will miss the uneasiness I got while watching Walter eat around dead subjects.

9. The story is easy to follow. For many things there is a simple explanation of how to solve things and how things happened. Problems get resolved.

tumblr_lkckqkJdVe1qappy8[1]10. Gene the Cow. Enough said. All mad scientists should be required to have a bovine in the lab.

11. Massive amounts of fun details that are not needed to understand the show. It can be mind-boggling to try to keep up with everything in the Fringe universe. From names of movies on billboards to colors and symbolism, JJ Abram & Co, filled the show with hints and little unnoticed treasures throughout the series. And, all of it matters or connects for some reason.



1. Dopplegangers… Well, almost. the alternate version of Olivia and Walter prove to give answers to a bit of what if…. The interactions between them is priceless.

20100517_fringe_04[1]2. The alternate New York Skyline with the World Trade Center buildings still standing and Zeppelins! Oh, and the Statue of Liberty is polished bronze.

3. Fringe as an army protecting against time travel anomalies in the alternate universe.

4. Time travel!

5. The final season is the ultimate tribute and swan song to the Fringe universe. We definitely stole some time with some of our favorite characters.

6. Etta and the resistance.

7. The opening credits. As the series changes, so does the credits to reflect the atmosphere or time of the show.

I’ll stop right there. Are you thinking about checking out the series on Netflix? What was the thing you liked most about Fringe? Leave a comment.