Is your website like a business card, brochure, or salesperson? 8

For businesses, especially ones with limited marketing budgets, websites and proper internet marketing strategies can make a world of difference. In working with many different businesses and organizations, I have grown to see there are only really a few types of marketing sites. Is yours a business card, a brochure or a salesperson?

The Business Card

These are the websites that seem to be made because “we were told we had to have a website.” These often have the most basic of features, like a business card. They will have a few pages that cover the basics with pages like about us, contact us, our products, and not much more.

The Brochure

Brochures are meant to look good, grab someone’s attention, and give some detailed information. These are the pretty looking sites that you see that have all the bells and whistles with a small amount of content. They may have the basics plus another 10-15 pages. Some will have more, but they are built for the experience.

The Salesperson

Salespeople in good organizations are constantly receiving training. They are the face and voice for the business. Websites with a deep, rich base of knowledge (content) that also give that great experience for the visitor are like the salesperson. There will be many pages and many more as time goes on. The site is given the tools and materials to be successful.

So, which describes your site? Which one would you like for it to be?

Like most things in business, a website is only as good as the effort and expenditure you put into it. If you leave your business card on a counter or bulletin board, how likely is it that you will get business from that? Same thing goes with a flyer. These tactics work well with some industries, but would you expect to make a $20,000 sale this way? Or, how about $100,000 in sales per year?

The best websites out there are like salespeople. They are constantly being fed updates on products and changes in the market. They give all the answers you need to make an informed decision whether or not your product or service is the right one for them. These sites will also be best for Search Engine Optimization and tie-ins to your other marketing efforts.

Get to thinking about your website. Is it doing what you want it to do?

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  • I think a good Website is a combination of all three…

    • The salesperson would have the brochure and business card built right in with what I am describing. There needs to be a balance between form and function in the best of marketing sites. The site that are mostly brochures have enough brand authority or recognition that function can often lose.

  • What a great way to describe what we see out here in the trenches!  I strive to have an educational, content filled, and interactive site.  Thanks for reminding me!

  • I think I was always into creating more of a business card but balance would be ideal!

  • Maria Stefanopoulos

    Great reminder, I agree with Carly, Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Absolutely, Sometime the first interaction your potential customer has with your business or brand is through your website or sales

  • I like the examples. I think i do better on some of my websites than others.  So now, I’m rethinking. Thanks Kelly! 

  • I’m headed in the direction of sales, but not there yet. But at least I think I know what I need. Sometimes that is the hardest part.