Season 3 Trailer of AMC’s The Walking Dead released at Comic-Con

The official AMC version of the trailer is at the bottom of this post to check out. The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday nights on October 17th, so set your calendar reminder for 3 months and get back to what is probably the best thriller to ever be on television. [SPOILERS]

So, what can we tell from the trailer of The Walking Dead? The main group is headed to the prison as was foreshadowed in the end of Season 2. Andrea is now partnered up with the mysterious ninja and get taken captive by the Governor who has holed up in a town as a sanctuary. The main group, headed by Rick Grimes, take shelter in the prison. Then there appears to be some conflict between the governor and the main group. Oh, and Daryl’s brother finally makes a comeback!

With the gritty prison setting, this is sure to be one of the best seasons of The Walking Dead. Take a look for yourself below. Leave a comment if you want to discuss the Season 3 Trailer of The Walking Dead.