How to comment/like your Facebook timeline Birthday messages 9

Facebook Birthday Box on TimelineToday was my birthday and many of my Facebook friends sent their birthday messages to me. I would see them pop up and comment and like them as I could get to them. Before I knew it. They started to populate a box on the timeline and I couldn’t see how to get to them so that I could thank each and every one of my friends for their messaging me.

You click on their names in the box and it goes to their timeline. You can like the box and comment on that as a whole. I event thought of mentioning them individually in a single comment, but that would take forever. There had to be an easier way!

I looked at it and finally when I hovered over it, I saw the edit function in the upper right corner of the box. I clicked on there and it showed the option to view the individual posts. Then from there it shows all the details of the posts from the box. You can then click on the “timeline” link on each of posts and comment and like them individually.

For those who like clean steps for their Facebook timeline, here they are:

  1. Hover over the birthday box on your timeline.
  2. Select “Edit or Remove”
  3. Select “View Individual Stories”
  4. Click on the “Timeline” link to view the post from your friend.
  5. Comment and like!
  6. Rinse and Repeat.

Hopefully this will save you a little frustration when your birthday comes around!

  • Kate OMara

    Excellent tip. The side boxes are very helpful 

  • Thanks for the info!  It will come in handy next year 🙂  And, Happy Birthday to YOU!!

  • Great tip…. Thanks for sharing

  • Mlopez

    Great tips Kelly!

  • good to know! thank you for sharing

  • So you will have to open a different timeline for every friends birthday wish? That’s really stupid and time-consuming if you have many friends… Not good

  • Isn’t this supposed to work for viewing someone else’s birthday wishes on THEIR page? When I hover, nothing shows up. I can’t view their individual stories. I know it can be done, because someone else on my list said that they could hover and read all stories on someone else’s timeline. PLEASE help, I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time! Thanks

  • Yeen

    The option suggested above no longer appears to be working. Now it gives me only three options, which is
    1) View Individual stories: Loads another window altogether with a summary of all the posts, with no intuitive way or instructions on how to reply to them. (note: Click on Timeline hyperlink to do that but same problem “grouped” format exists when you come back to your default profile page.).

    2) Highlight

    3) Hide from Timeline.

    2) Highlight: I thought this was a way to make a post take up bigger space. and how the prominence of it somehow. This doesn’t do ANYTHING except put a flag with a star next to it for grouped posts… WTF?!

    I thought FB was about ‘connecting people’ blah blah blah. But for something as important as someone wanting to personally reply to a friend who’s given them a birthday greeting, FB sure makes ‘connecting’ seem like it was the last goal of this function. Ugh.

    • Surely can be frustrating. I will take another look on Facebook and see if this needs updating! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!