Experiencing the World of Red Bull and BC One 3

Omen performance at the Tampa Cypher on June 24 for Red Bull's BC One.

Event winner Omen performs at Red Bull BC One Cypher at Nova 535 in Tampa, FL, USA, on June 24, 2012. // Chris Garrison/Red Bull Content Pool

By being one of the top influencers for Red Bull’s Klout Squad, I earned a Klout Perk called “Experiencing the World of Red Bull.” The perk was for a VIP experience at any local Red Bull event. I selected Flugtag in Chicago for the event I wanted to attend, then the people at Red Bull upped the perk by offering to fly each of the top 10 influencers from Klout to the North Amercian Qualifier for Red Bull BC One in Chicago on July 21.

BC One is Red Bull’s international B-boy (break-dancing) competition. There are regional cyphers around the world that pull the best talent into the qualifiers like the one that will be held in Chicago. The venue for the Chicago event is the historic ballroom of the Aragon Entertainment Center. Skeme Richards, who serves as the DJ for the legendary Rock Steady Crew, will provide music for the night and hosting the event is RAKAA, representing the Dilated Peoples, the Rock Steady Crew, and UZN.

The 16 competing b-boys include: Ken Fury (New York City), Domkey (Philadelphia), Ronnie Ruen (Los Angeles), Villn (Sacramento), Tata (Brooklyn), Evol (Chicago), Nasty Nate (Houston), Fléau (Canada), Mijo (Milwaukee), MN Joe (St. Paul), Bebo(Brockton), Prada G (Los Angeles), Mig 187 (Las Vegas), Omen (Homestead), Stripes (Tampa), and Kid Cruz (Denver).

Just reviewing some of the videos from the b-boys who will be showing off their skills in Chicago, I can tell that this is going to be an intense and exciting showdown. I can’t wait to see it!

For more info on the event, check out the Red Bull BC One website.

Here is a promo video from the 2011 Red Bull BC One World Finals in Moscow:

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