Beware what Infographics you Embed/Pin 9

Girls and Guns infographicsInfographics are all the rage. They are great for creating attention to your site or service. I had pinned a gun infographic on my blog previously that was “The History of Guns” and was made by a gun safe company. It was very transparent who it was from and what it was about. Unfortunately, more and more infographics are being used to generate traffic for sites and not specifically related to the products or services the infographics represent.

I received an email after someone saw the other “History of Guns” infographic on my site and asked if I would embed their infographic. The image they sent me to is the one on the right, which talks about girls and guns and statistics. For the first 3 seconds I was reading this I was wondering what is the catch?


The links created by this graphic link to an Asian Escort Service site with content that is not safe for work. Generally, you will not see anything about Asian Escort services on my blog. What this will do to you site is take some of the authority you have built up in your site and pass it on to the target site. These backlinks will help the site gain authority and raise it in the search engine result pages in Google. Do you want to help them gain in search results when they were not upfront and honest with you?

I have also seen this trick done a few different times. I have seen an infographic about Facebook on a car dealer site and baking recipe infographic on a pet supply company URL.

How to spot this trick

Look for the URL in the embed code. Just look for the URL after http:// . Most of these places have URLs that are very descriptive of what the site is or “exact match domains.” That will tell you right away if the creator of the infographic is playing SEO games. You can play games back and upload the graphic and pin it without a URL link.

Do you see this happening? Leave a comment and let me know what you’re seeing!

  • Great Infographic Kelly.

  • The infographics could be wonderful if they were for fun & free but the deceptive downside is heavy. 

    • It seems people will exploit what they can for their own benefit.

  • Michelle Lopez

    Wow … great advice, I am only just getting into that area and will be prepared now. 

  • Great info on infographics, Kelly! A wolf in sheepskin!

  • it seems that ‘any trick’ is possible just to have better SEO – sad.

  • Tereza Litsa

    It seems that infographic are very trendy lately (though not all of them are useful)

  • Never ever crossed my mind.  Now my eyes are open and I will be sure to let you know if I see it.  Thanks!  Also, I just down loaded a Info-Graphic template today, hoping to produce my own info-graphic for a blog post I am writing.  I see them being repinned ALL the time.  Thanks for a great post!

  • Wow! I had no idea!  Really appreciate this information.  I will be on the look out!