AMC’s The Killing: Looking forward to more Linden and Holder

Bringing an end to a story is always difficult. It can either leave you with a sense of closure or wanting more. So, before I made up my final decision on the finale of AMC’s The Killing, I let it set in to see where I was at with the story and characters. [Plenty of Spoilers]

Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

I have written about who the killer might be a couple of times and even dismissed Aunt Terri as the killer. When I wrote about Aunt Terri before, I had written her off as there were too many similarities to the Danish series of The Killing. In that show it was the child’s care taker that more maliciously committed the crime. In The Killing, you can feel sorry for her and see the great tragedy of practically Shakespearian proportions. The twist of Rosie being in the wrong place at the wrong time (which was assumed later in the series) was completely appropriate and made me feel that the story was on the right track. There have been tons of complaints about The Killing and all of the “red herrings.” Some people did not like them at all, but it was part of the formula. Either you like it or you don’t. I’ll take it any day over “reality” TV.

In the end..

I wasn’t wrapped up in watching AMC’s The Killing for the first season. If I were, I think I might have a slightly different perspective. Instead, I got caught up on the first season on Netflix an then followed the second season. I can say that getting the whole story over all those episodes did not bother me, but in the space in time it would take for normal viewing to consume The Killing in earnest, I could see how someone would get a little weary of the time it took for the twenty some days to unravel.

Do I think that The Killing was the best show ever? No. Is it even the best show in the AMC line-up with the likes of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, or Mad Men? Probably not. Should it get the chance to live on? Definitely! The only people to speak out on the show’s future, to date, have been people whose characters would no longer be involved in the show. There has been no decisions made public to date as to the return of the show. Responses to a recent post I made about the possibility of a Season 3 of The Killing show that people still really want to see Holder and Linden out looking for the bad guys. I would have to agree with them!

What are your thoughts? Do you want to see more of Holder and Linden? Leave a comment.

Here is a look From AMC on a wrap up of the season finale of The Killing: