Season 3 of The Killing? Where would the story go? 51

There are several hints at this time from cast about AMC’s The Killing into a Season 3. Viewers have already been promised closure to the mystery of Who killed Rosie Larsen. Other interviews, including an interview with Eric Ladin who plays Richman’s campaign manager, have indicated that it will be clear where the story goes after closing the chapter on Rosie Larsen.

The Danish series completed the original series in 20 episodes in 2007  and went on to a second series with 10 more episodes and a separate story line in 2009. The third series of Forbrydelsen is currently in production and is set to release later 2012.

With those indications and the Forbrydelsen history on the table for The Killing, have we already seen hints or clues as to where Holder and Linden may be off to next? As Ladin said in the interview, it will be “clear.” Have we seen clues already? Who would be involved?

The only point that has become curious is the psychiatrist from “72 hours” and how Linden never solved that murder really. I just don’t think there is enough story there to make people happy for much of a run.

What I would start to rule out at this point would be the departure of Holder or Linden from the show. Not only would that be a major shock to viewers, I don’t know that anyone would care enough about them separately to be able to replace them this early in the series.

What are your thoughts? Any ideas on who killed Rosie Larsen or what may come next? Leave a comment.


    Are you crazy? Holder and Linden are partners. Wouldn’t watch the show if either leaves.

  • Whodunnit

    Yeah. The forced partnership of Holder and Linden which has blossomed into this sort of unconventional friendship where each has seen the other at their lowest and most vulnerable, is almost as compelling as the mystery of Rosie Larsen itself. I love the show and I’m definitely down and ready for a Season 3, but bringing Enos and Kinnaman back is a must. I’d go as far as saying that they are really the only 2 that are absolute necessities for another Killing run.

    • I agree. Eric Ladin indicated that we’d know after the final show where it would be headed. Does that mean there would be very little time between the cases?

      • IFK

        Eric Ladin sleeps with the fishes … :-)(

    • Darriusplantz

       I agree, we need to see this show back.  AMC does this stuff really well and I would not give a nickel for anything similar they “try” to do on mainstream TV.  They stuck to their convictions and kept this show dark and seedy till the end, but at least justice did win a smal victory.

  • Bazabib

    I am a serious fan and there is no way I would keep on watching if either Linden or Holder leave!

  • Judyprang

    I am left curious as to what Linden might have shared with the shrink if she hadn’t been released. She was about to say something. Writers could pick up on that and create a story that grows from her past

  • Wbink22

    Best acting on TV, outside of, but no less than, Homeland, or perhaps Mad Men. The Linden and Holder actors are exquisite, deep, unique, provocative, unclear … everything you want to tune in week after week! But then theres the Larson family – from Mitch, to her sister to Stan – wow! I am so hooked on this show because they do not talk down to us!!!!
    I’m so jaded from endless cancellations, but I would “kill” to keep The Killing on for many years to come! It also is divine to see beautiful Billy. Campbell (I was the biggest fan of Once and Again, and cried with them in their premature finale).

  • Confused

    Has this actually been renewed???

    • I’m not completely sure that it has.It has been alluded to, but nothing certain.

  • Frenchcookie14

    While a good show there was too much jet lag between the first and …second season……..lost interest but had to hang on for the killer.this show is spent now and hope season 3 does not happen…..GAME OF THRONES  holds the title for something worth waiting for to return..

  • B Parris

    I hope The Killing comes back for a third season. The actors that play as Holden and Linden were really great actors! Please come back with a third season.

  • Lsaurer

    I was really mad at the end of season 1, but with season 2, the show has redeemed itself. Holder & Linden are a great team. Would like to see a lot more of them. This has been a very intense show. The emotions the characters have shown have brought me to tears many times. I don’t know if the show can sustain that intensify, but I certainly hope it gets a chance to.

  • Itachi_is_awes

    I wounder what all Jamie did. Who he killed and whatsit. Since what was that talk about the indian kid that Linden and Holder found out avout earlier in the series? I can rant on forever but the creators have a show and they need to finish it. After all, a dead body isn’t going to solve itself

  • I’m not happy with the way it ended with Richmond. It looks like he’s just another crooked politician. I was hoping he was different.

  • MarcIa74716

    The series without Linden and Holder will not be a series.They are the show.

  • Geehmann

    I think the backlash with the ending on Season 1 will prevent a Season 3.

  • BDK

    How do we write to AMC and tell them we want Season 3?

  • Prestentok

    If by some slim chance this show does have a third season, at least the folks have a blueprint on what they did right (which, actually, was plenty) and what they did wrong(which was also plenty). A shorter, more focused mystery (first two seasons was way too much of a slow burn), more emphasis on Linden and Holder’s relationship), and, for Pete’s sake, give the city of Seattle some sort of personality other than constant rain (kind of like what Twin Peaks did).

    • Kay

      I loved this show. I loved the pace, so so sick of the constant flash racing of most dramatic shows. I think the theme sound track sort of caught the mood well.

  • Brenda

    My husband and I LOVED this show!!  We are both from the Seattle area and we always looked forward to watching The Killing.  PLEASE bring on Season 3 and please do not take Holder and Linden out of the series.  They are so compatible and their friendship brought a positive reality to the
    sadness and turmoil they felt as a team.

    It was a great series and we will miss it very much!

  • The Dude Abides

    Yeah,  MORE!!!  Holder and Linden up against the casino.  I could do without the Mayor (Billy Campbell).  His whole thing with coming out of being shot to win the election in less than a month seemed fake and contrived.  Stick to the new dead body and maybe offshoots to Linden’s kid & relapse of Holder’s addiction???

    • Pamcwhorter

      Billy Campbell is another glue that can continuously help hold it
      all together- he is great and very believable as the role he play
      all the surprises that kep happening- all the intense and also
      that it is always raining- I love it- Thanks for a great enteraining
      season- I can’t wait for season 3- I can see how it will get betterand better.

    • Richhill99

      What happened to Richmond was REAL LIFE!! And I would never want to see Holder back in the drugs again…only a dead end…no way can he do the great things he does back on the stuff! Let these writers alone and let them do it over an over again, great writing.

  • brian

    the wire would go on to include different main players in many of the seasons, maybe the following season come back to barely revisit them in the continuation of the ‘novel’. I thought that show was awesome, and I think the killing would work if they just went on to a totally new case.

  • I hope you’re wrong!

  • I think it would be brilliant to have all Season 3 as a Flashback to the previous murder that Linden never resolved. I’d like it to be told from the point of view of Holder talking to Linden in a psychiatric ward several months after the end of Season 2. It could be done like Silence of the Lambs where Holder is sent looking for clues through his conversation with Linden in the psychiatric ward.

  • well we need to keep people on their toes maybe something more happend at the casino and a relationship starts between holder and linden dive into the past of these two they have secrets to hide and they need to be unearthed just saying many ways you could go with the story or dig up rosies fathers past and bring that to light.  i really like the way the show has gone so far and would love to see more would hate that to be the end of it. there is always a mystery out there to be solved 

  • Skeetapita

    ALL I KNOW IS THAT I WANT A SEASON 3!!!!! It could still be called “The Killing” about another murder mystery. I was quite satisfied with the ending but i don’t quite understand the “deal” that was going down. Can anyone explain it to me??? I am glad Michael Ames did not go along with it and shocked Teri had anything to do with it let alone finishing it off. Would you
    kill a teenager in a trunk???? The scream was the worst feeling. When she said “I didn’t know” she knew it was someone in there!!! I hope there will be a Season 3 – I have come to love Linden and especially Holder!!!!!

    • Andrew Fisun

      The deal was about the land development that the former mayor wanted to hash out with the tribe, that Richmond critisized earlier in the show. This was a way of showing that in the end, Richmond was just like any other politician (for all his moral highground stance throughout the series), and that Jamie Wright was correct when he said that Richmond was not a good guy (in the scene before he was shot). 

  • naryaquid

    The Killing is, without a doubt, the best new series on televion…My spouse and I are hoping like hell that it returns for a third season.

    Like most here, I believe that Linden and Holder are absolutely essential to the series!

  • DocTonyNYC

    Would viewers care enough about Holder or Linden solo? You bet, I would. I think they are both interesting characters, and both are fascinating actors to watch. I would pay to watch Enos read the phone book. It may be worth pointing out that in the original Dutch show, Forbrydelsen, the “Holder” character dies before the end of the first season.

  • Piano Lady

    Linden and Holder are BRILLIANT! The two characters (and actors) are so refreshingly different for TV they MUST stick around. I would personally love to see her ex-husband move back into the area so that her son Jack could come back into her life. Such a huge fan of this show and how the two first seasons have wrapped up!

  • Pamcwhorter

    It is a great series- I love it- please let come back- it is addictive for me
    and the team of Linden and Holder is the thing that makes it great- Please, please, please, keep it coming- I miss it so much already.

  • Kay

    I actually guess the murderer correctly, though for the life of me, I couldn’t figure the motive or circumstances out.

    As for the future, oh, I hope it happens.  What I would see would be something like the way the show 24 ran. A totally new and different event that brings Linden back in from the cold maybe not working officially with Holder. Maybe involve her son somehow though her personal involvement in the crime might not work.  I actually like your idea of the unsolved murder of the mother of the boy who drew the trees. Do you know what the Danes are doing?

  • Richmond 2012

    Likewise…I was mad at the end of Season 1, but the conclusion ROCKED!!!  Keep em coming AMC.  With The Walking Dead and The Killing, you are the number station of my, and many others, choice.

  • Richhill9

    Linden and Holder ARE THE KILLING!! One without the other is a no show! I really hope the writers do NOT over think season 3, 4, 5,… just do it as they did with seasons 1 & 2.  It was so real, great acting, and for a real change a shock to the viewers. Holder was a cool as cool gets and Linden was equal! There are so many ways to go with such good actors its all up to whether the writers can keep bringing it!! Great writing!! And hopefully. ALL of the same writers will stay with the show!

  • theblackfalcon

    There are very few shows that in my opinion equal the high quality of British Drama.  “The Killing” is definitely it and my wife and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    I am also hoping for a season 3 with Linden and Holder on to a new case or one that may be just beginning from the ending of the current history…

  • Cinemachema

    It would be great if people stops spoiling the end of the series in this king of articles. 

  • Grannis

    Hope they return! The ending was a shocker many never saw coming.

  • Nitenative

    I hope they renew the show. It is excellent and, god knows, there is enough junk on TV. Bring it back for a 3rd season…

  • anne copeland

    character development should be the focus not a zillion zig zag twists that killed season two for me. holder is interesting. sarah is as well (but really lighten up on the overwrought crap)…doubt i would watch a third season.

  • Travel_junkie11

    It is quite funny how the Danish show has an entirely different killer of Rosie than the American version. I did like the plot of the American version though. I hope they will continue the series.

  • i think there should  be a killing similar to the case that sent Linden to the psych ward. send them back to re-visit that case.

  • que sera

    There needs to be another season! The season 2 finale was amazing, a complete shock to viewers. The really did an amazing job. Linden and Holder can never be separated, it just wouldn’t make sense. Their dynamic is superb. She’s more hard hitting and he’s just the opposite, he’s easy going but the thing they have in common is their passion to solve a young girl’s murder. It is this quality that all the characters possess that make this show great. I hope AMC realises the potential this show has. 

  • KJ

    I loved the series, and am very hopeful that it will return with a great story line.  If Dallas can come back after they used up every story line possible years ago, this show can certainly come up with more seasons.  The characters are great!!!  Linden and Holder make the show for sure, but there are a lot of other really good actors in the series.  PLEASE COME BACK!!!

  • Well, it appears that AMC will not be taking on The Killing for a 3rd Season.. What other Network could take it? HBO??

  • Pamcwhorter

    the drawing of the trees has already left a hinrt as to where the show
    will go and the case that Linden still grieves about, please don’t
    abandon this great series, we miss it so much and can’t wait till
    it comes back