PicPlz closing: Looks like Instagram wins out! 5

I have written before about the pending adoption of Instagram by the Android user base in February.  It seems the effects of the Instagram offerings to Android users have finally taken hold. A brief email went out today to PicPlz users saying that they will be shutting their doors and deleting all content on July 3.

On July 3, 2012, picplz will shut down permanently and all photos and data will be deleted. Until then, you can log in and download your photos by clicking on the download link next to each photo in your photo feed. Thank you for your support of picplz and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The PicPlz blog didn’t add anything about what has happened other than they will pursue other ventures.

My thoughts are that when Instagram was finally released to the Android market, that could have been the nail in the coffin for the Instagram competitor. PicPlz had tried to add some more statistics to its offerings, but that was not enough to be a differentiator.

I picked up the Instagram app for Android in February and have used it several times. I can’t say that I like it more than PicPlz, but I guess that I have no options now.

One of the ironic things is that every PicPlz pic I took was copied to Dropbox. Now, I have no need to even go back to the site. All I need to do now is delete the App from my phone and remove the plugin from my blog. What can I get from Instagram to replace it? I’m sure there are many options out there.

  • Coresparkle

    I’d love it if Instagram came out /w a web platform also! 

  • Thank you for info.  I have used neither Instagram nor PicPlz, so it will be an easy ‘switch over’ for me.  I usually take images with my phone and upload them to Facebook.  That’s about it.  I might need to go check out Instagram.  Why would I want to?  If you can give some feedback…

    Nice post!

    • You can automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Foursquare withe each picture taken using Instagram. Picplz used to have more options.

  • I just started using Instagram recently.  I like it, but could easily do without it too.  I just don;t see the need to add an artistic element to each photo. Sometimes the authentic version looks best.

  • Change can be exciting, unsettling, good and bad.  Progress marches on regardless!