AMC’s “The Killing”: Who killed Rosie Larsen? Not Donnie or Marie.

Jamie and Gwen it seems will be scrutinized as possibly one of them being the killer in the 6/10 episode of AMC’s The Killing entitled “Donnie or Marie.” Which one is the show’s killer? Maybe it is neither?


Out of the two, my odds would be on Jamie to be the killer of the two. He is bright and scheming and willing to do whatever it takes to win. If he was the killer, I would not be surprised Richmond knew as well. Richmond has also made comments about the lengths he would go to in winning. He has flip-flopped on Richmond once and it seemed like he was taken in by Adams quickly.

Why couldn’t it be him? Well, it would be pretty obvious. I’ve seen blog posts that picked him out of the bunch a year ago. I had picked up on him as a top suspect for the last couple of episodes and I’d be a little let down if it turned out to be him. He really doesn’t seem to be that connected to anyone outside of Richmond and Gwen. He knows who people are and how to talk, but he doesn’t seem like the type to get a long with a lot of people.


One thing tipped me off about Gwen in the last episode of The Killing, Richmond has yet to tell anyone about his affair or going to see Gwen on the night of Oct. 5 when Rosie Larsen was killed. Could it be that she didn’t meet him that night? Could it be possible that Richmond’s witness was a farce? She is very well-connected and can cause some damage when she wants and get away with it. She played hardball with her father to get a Federal warrant that recovered either hers or Jamie’s key card. Also, she has a grudge against Adams and I believe is willing to play the long game against him.

Why it would not be her? I don’t think she could have physically taken care of Rosie. If she did it would have been with an accomplice such as Richmond or Jamie.

How I think this will play out

I think it will turn out to be one of Jamie or Gwen’s keycard, but there will be a fingerprint or something in the blood on the card that will rule them out. I will go with the idea that someone in the mayor’s office stole the card and was trying to set Richmond up for the crime. Mayor Adams probably used one of Janek’s guys, maybe even Alexi, to take care of her. Alexi’s revenge on Janek could have been for both his father’s death and what he made him do to Rosie. It’s either something crazy like this or like Achem’s Razor – go with the simplest answer – Jamie and/or Gwen did it. I would sure list a twist in the ending! Only two episodes left!!

What do you think? Have any suspects you feel may end up being the killer? Leave a comment.