When will Season 2 of AMC’s The Killing be on Netflix? 9

I have scoured the Internet after seeing people land on this blog searching for when The Killing will have season 2 on Netflix. First off, there is nothing out there that is official and hardly anyone even guessing at the timeline for Netflix. Here is what I am able to guess about when Season 2 of the Killing will hit Netflix:

At this time, Season 2 has not ended. We are still weeks away from finding out, as promised in many sources, Who killed Rosie Larsen. the season has not ended, so we have at least that long to wait.

Most of the new quality Netflix shows come in promotion of a new season of a show. this happened with Breaking Bad, Season 1 of The Killing for Season 2, and many more. Netflix has not been in the game long enough for this to tell if they were to do this again. There has not been a good pattern established from what I have seen.

I read that a plot line in the upcoming episodes will develop a new case for Linden and Holder to follow. This would lead me to believe that the Killing will continue on. At that rate, The Killing will get back into the rotation with Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead for the time slot. At that rate it will be 9 months to a year before those without AMC on their cable or dish to see for themselves how the story unfolds.

So there is my best guess on when AMC’s The Killing Season 2 will make it onto Netflix: 9-12 months.

  • Jay

    Season 1 arrived on Netflix the day after the DVD/BD was released. The same is likely to happen with Season 2

    • Given the cycle of the shows, that would put it at March 2013.

    • Sewdsg

      When will that be!?

      • Hollidaylb

        Anyone now when it will be on

  • guest

    i couldnt find the episodes anywhere.. not even on the AMC website… so i read what happened… and the coucilmans right hand man is the one that killed her,,, :/ how whack!

  • seadoggie

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE when will The Killing, Season 2 be out on DVD.  Why is this so hard to find out????? 

  • Lindac

    I am looking, looking, looking for season 2!  I’ve read now about 2 different persons who “did it”.  If you really know the answer, please don’t spoil it for the rest of us!

  • duelles

    I have only Netflix to watch shows or rent a DVD. The time lag of releases is inconsistent at best. I like Netflix and will likely stick with it. Much to see while waiting for series favorites to show up. Life sucks, huh !!