Red Bull Top 10 Perks Update 4

Look what I just got in my inbox.  😀

Dear Top 10 Red Bull Influencer,

Congratulations on being one of Red Bull’s biggest influencers. As a thank you, we’d like to invite you and a friend to attend an upcoming Red Bull event near you as our VIP guests (United States events only, please).

Check out our schedule of 2012 events [] then stay tuned for a personal email to coordinate your VIP World of Red Bull experience. A Flugtag flying day? A Soapbox Race? A live concert? A Thre3Style DJ battle? A Gaming LAN? An adventure that gives you wings awaits.

-The Klout Perks Team

  • That is so nice that you were able to get a perk that you wanted!

  • So do you have an event to go to, yet?

    • Not yet. We’re anxiously awaiting a list from Red Bull of events to choose from. Anxiously could be the key word!

  • I received an email from Red Bull yesterday. I will most likely put up a poll to get some people’s opinion of what the best option would be.