How to get more from Chrome’s Browser Bookmarks Bar 7

Until I figured this simple little “hack” out, the bookmarks bar on Chrome was only able to 9-10 items across the bookmark bar in Chrome. I use a lot more book marks than that on a regular basis. With this little trick, I’ll show you how you can get a lot more book marks into you bookmark bar on Chrome without loosing any more valuable screen space.

Regular Bookmark view in the Chrome Bookmark bar

The image above shows how bookmarks are saved in the bookmark bar in Chrome. There is an Icon (the site’s favicon) and the site’s name listed in the bar. When you hover over the bookmark, the name appears again along with the URL. Here’s how to simplify that and make it appear like the rest of the icons in the picture.

1. Right Click on the bookmark and select “Edit.”

chrome bookmark bar edit

2. Next, highlight the name of the site, and delete it!

Delete the name in the bookmark's edit scren

3. Click Save and you should be left with only an icon in your Bookmark bar. The hover state of the icon will still include the URL of the bookmark.

Chrome Bookmark bar - Icon's only

With this simple little trick, you should be able to cram several of your favorite sites into the bookmark bar with ease. The only issue that I have with this is that there are a number of bookmarklets that I use in that bar as well, and they do not have a favicon or icon associated with them. For that, I simply make the text as short as possible, such as “Pin it,” “Tweet it,” and “Press it.”

Have any other insights on Chrome you’d like to share? Leave me a comment and share this tip with your friends.

  • Great little trick!  I love ‘how to’ posts and this one is so good!  🙂

  • I use Chrome and the bookmark, too.  I find this post useful, to say the least.  Thanks for the images along with the written info.  It sure made it easy to grasp!

  • Nice one! That is going to save me a lot of hassle. Thanks for sharing.

  • I usually use Firefox but started using Chrome more and this looks like it comes in handy, thank you : )

  • Great info!  I’m usually using Firefox but on occasion do switch over to Chrome.  Thanks for sharing!

  • I have Chrome installed but I use Firefox….I will be be using Chrome more often for sure! Thanks for this 🙂

  • This is very helpful. Thanks so much!