First impressions of a new Android Instagram user … one little change. 3

Instagram for Android launched on Tuesday. There were some immediate bumps in the road with the launched program crashing. But, Instagram was quick to get an update out on the market to solve that issue. I went to download the app and had no issues getting it installed and hooked up to my Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Tumblr accounts.

First Impression

The Instagram app is well designed and runs smoothly. It does look better than the apps I have used before. The pictures come out good and the filters work as expected. Sending the pictures out to Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Tumblr accounts worked seamlessly and appeared to take little to no time at all to make their way there.

What needs to change

Droid X Camera ButtonsThere was one element that I was really disappointed about with the Instagram app. It accesses the camera on my Droid X instead of using the native camera program. The issue is that my phone is set up with buttons to take pictures horizontally. Notice the circled buttons on the picture on the right. There are zoom buttons and a dedicated camera (app launch) button. The Instagram app allows you to take vertical images or images horizontally, but the horizontal images need to be rotated for them to display. That takes an extra step in the process to complete the process. I find that extra step fairly annoying as the other photo applications I have used do very close to the same thing and do not make me do this extra step. So, please make the application rotate when taking a picture.

UPDATE: This issue only occurred on the first run through of the program. Issue not still happening.

Will I keep using Instagram?

I wrote before whether or not Android users will adopt Instagram and I was really excited to try Instagram. It took e a day trying to figure out what my first Instagram image would be. I then gave up and took a picture of my keyboard. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed in the DNR (Does Not Rotate) inability in taking a picture. That disappointment has not worn off yet as I think I may have expected a bit more from Instagram.

After trying to take a picture, I got a better feel for the application. I really like the friends activity stream. It works very well and this is something that may keep me using the Instagram application.


What are your thoughts on Instagram? Are you just now using it on Android?

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  • Bgardiner56

    Kelly, it was developed by an iOS dev. They aren’t used to all the extra features that android has over the iphone 😉

  • Bob Warren

    TGIF…and have a Fantastic Weekend!

  • I guess I needed to keep using it over and over. It finally did rotate. It doesn’t seem to be an issue still. So, the program looks good, just a little wonky that first time.