Easter Bunny brings RC Plane to Boy, Father retrieves it from Woods

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue SkyThe Easter Bunny brought my son an Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky last Sunday. Like any child (not me), my son wanted to rip it out of the box and try it out. So, we loaded it with batteries and charged it up. My son read the instructions (he reads everything) and headed out to the local ball fields to give the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky a whirl.

It was fairly windy and we got a few flights in where the plane would get turned upside down or do a couple of loops in the air. Then, on about the 4th attempt the wind picked up. We started up the video camera on the plane and the video below is the result:


About 10 seconds into the flight, the Hawk Eye Blue Sky kept whirling into the air. I told my son to stop the throttle, but that did no good as the plane continued to spiral into the air, across the street and into a wooded area. The distance the plane was not exceptionally far, but more than 200 feet once we let off the gas was enough to show the force of the wind.

My daughters and son went across the street with me and saw where the fence was down. I crossed the fence and was greeted by some dormant raspberry bushes all crowded together. There was no way around them, so I had to go through them. Not the best idea to take on in shorts may I add. My son turned on the engines from time to time to help find the buzzing sound they made. The plane was found about 60 feet into the woods and upside down. Next time we’ll be sure to not fly the Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky on such a windy day.