AMC’s ‘The Killing’: Still wondering who killed Rosie Larsen? 17

Who Killed Rosie Larsen posterAMC has done a great work in finding some exceptional dramas to put into its  Sunday night line ups. I’ve been a regular viewer of Breaking Bad for the last 3 seasons and The Walking Dead for the last two seasons. The Killing, an adaptation of  the Danish series “Forbrydelsen,” is the latest one to catch my attention, and in a major way.

To be completely honest, I caught the first 5 minutes of The Killing pilot/premiere when it first aired. That was as far as I was able to get before heading to bed. It wasn’t until I heard the chatter online and saw some things in Entertainment Weekly about viewers getting upset at the way Season 1 ended that I came back to check it out again.

Getting caught up on the series

Netflix has the entire first season of the show available for streaming. I sat down on a Saturday evening after the wife and kids were in bed and started watching The Killing from the start. My goal was to quit when I was done with an episode or two so that I could finish the rest later. That plan didn’t work. The way that the stories are constructed follow a pretty common formula that has worked very well for television series. Everyone knows it as the “cliffhanger.” I couldn’t keep myself from going on to the next episode without wondering who had killed Rosie Larsen! That night I went through 8 episodes and finished up the remainders in a few days before AMC kicked off the new season.

What is all the bickering about?

It was reported that the viewership of The Killing was down at the time of the season 2 two-hour premiere. The online chatter and reporting on the show left the impression that a lot of viewers were upset at how the first season was left without a pay-off in telling who killed Rosie Larsen. I can see some of that, but you cannot expect an immediate pay out on a show that is based solely on that premise. If you compare it to Breaking Bad, it would be like Walter White being killed or arrested at the end of the first season. Or the zombies taking over camp and killing everyone in The Walking Dead in the first 6 episodes. These shows are not sitcoms or situation dramas where you just transplant the cast into another similar situation week after week, with the show coming to a resolution each time. I like to look at these shows as mini-series, albeit very long ones!

So, who killed Rosie Larsen? [Spoilers]

The producers of The Killing have said that the killer will be revealed at the end of season 2. The other known comment is that it will not be the same killer as the Danish series. In Forbrydelsen, the killer was the friend of the kids and handyman. He was always present in the series. Not seeing the original series, I think this character may have gotten split up between the weird Belko and Aunt Terry. Well, since Belko bit down on a bullet, he’s out of the picture. I’m not sure anyone can completely rule out Aunt Terry at this point with her connection to the escort service.

This is my best guess as of today. Current speculation has odds on Janek, the Polish Mob boss. I think he’s more than likely a middle level player at this point and covering up for someone else. The scene that really grabbed my attention was when Linden followed her partner’s old boss Gil to a meeting with the mayor’s adviser. There was someone else there taking photos of what was going on. Right now, I’m thinking it was the mayor or someone in his camp that killed Rosie Larson.

My list of who else I would look at include the new Detective Lieutenant, Aunt Terry, Jamie the political aid, and even the senator. Each have their own reasons, but I will not get into that as I could write a whole other post about that.

Do you watch The Killing? Who do you think killed Rosie Larsen?? Leave a comment.


  • Personally, I don’t care for this style of show. I don’t want to be left with knowing that if I don’t watch it next week, then I might miss something important that could lead me to the killer. The shows really don’t have a climax, just a continuation, like the Network is trying to force me to watch their show for as long as they want to air the show.

    • Yes, these shows are not for a casual viewer and do require some buy-in. That can be a major issue for the viewership that is unable to make that type of commitment or put that much attention to it. All the shows I mention above are like that. Each show seems to build to a climax and leave you there for a week. It can make for decent water-cooler chat if you know others watching it. There is definitely no resolution at the end and that may leave some viewers  displeased.

    • Skiphow

      That’s why I like to wait for the entire season to air on Netflix so I can watch it all at once. No frustrating weeks wait. 

  • fretpeeler

    As one of those people that burned up the net on the “night of 1,000,000 keyboards” I can honestly say that it was NOT the cliffhanger that was the problem. For most of the people that I talked with that night and others it was the arrogance of Ms. Sud and her production staff that was infuriating.
    She made comments that the audience were not “hip” enough to get her writing, and they never promised to reveal the killer the first season.
    I can say, that as far as the promise to reveal the killer they made every indication that the 1st season would come to some conclusion.
    That being said, I am watching again. I find the story compelling and this season they really tightened up the writing and story line.
    The episodes kind of drag at times, but that can be forgiven. I find it interesting that AMC did come out with an acknowledgement that they did not handle the finale and viewer expectation as well as they should have.
    I still am looking forward to finding out why Rosie was killed. I have my own ideas but it is still Way to early in the season to talk conclusion.

  • katiuskatnv

    i think its the aunt or jamie =)

  • brandi

    I started watching the first series today. I have enjoyed it but I”m getting frustrated. Who really killed Rosie??

    • In the first season you almost have to try to figure out who isn’t the killer… The killer will be revealed at the end of season 2.

  • Rebecca94

    I have no idea who killed Rosie. My mind automatically goes to someone in the campaign but they could be making the audience think that. Then again, Rosie’s body was found in one of the campaign cars. So it gets you thinking. Another guess for me would be someone in the casino, cause thats where Rosie was. I am really anxious to find out.

  • Kujjj

    I found season 1 to be exceptional. I really enjoyed it. Ok,so what the killer wasn’t revealed in the first season. All good things come to those who wait. I just hope that it won’t be a disappointment when we actually find out. The killer has to fit all the clues and actually make sense. Not something forced.

  • Prestentok

    The killer will be either parent, Stan or Mitch. The show just has way too many plot similarities to Twin Peaks for it not to be. The other guess is that Darren Richmond actually did kill her. That’s the only reason I can think of for giving his character time.

  • Chrissytassone

    I think it will be someone in the mayor’s camp….I have thought that since the 8th or 9th episode.  I thought for a little while Linden’s partner knows who killed her, but……………..nah, I don’t think that anymore. 
    I watched ALL 13 episodes in one night and ordered on demand so that I can watch the second season.

  • Chrissytassone

    I also thought that Mitch’s sister might know who did it.  Did anyone catch at the funeral where she was standing with Stan and Mitch and greeting people, she smiled and said hello to the old guy and he snubbed her?  What was that about?

    • That was Ames the building contractor on the Waterfront project and the former lover of Aunt Terry.

    • Adri

      Yes I did!!!  I think he might be the one or one of his connections!  Glad someone else noticed it too. 

  • Ellen Leah Fox

    I just started to think it was Jamie.  He didn’t want anyone to know he was conspiring with the mayor against his own candidate.

    • Jamie is very smart and sly. I’m starting to think it may have been him and Gwen.