A Year in Klout Perks : Part 4 : Some Awesomeness 18

Last week I discuss a number of things from effectiveness of Klout Perks campaigns to some failures. Today, I’d like to talk about the Klout Perks that have really been awesome marketing efforts that have caught my attention. These are the ones that I have received that have been top-notch efforts and reached a level of sophistication that made it really worth my while. Some of these have just started in the last week. That explains my delay writing this last part.

1. Red Bull / Klout Brand Topic Pages

Red-Bull Klout Perk Top 10Last Friday, Klout unleashed its first brands topic pages. Red Bull just happened to be the first adopter. [Note: If you ever stop by my desk, you will see a collection of the variety of Red Bull cans!]  These brand pages are offering a tiered rewards system – Top 1000, Top 100, and Top 10. Red Bull is giving away a 4-pack of their new Total Zero to the Top 1000, some Red Bull gear to the Top 100, and a VIP access to a Red Bull Event to the Top 10. [Currently, I am #7. Yay! Feel free to give +K for Red Bull. ] Their are doing this on a time-delay with the perks being offered days apart, so this has created a bit of a contest to get in the Top 10. The Top 10 perk is not available for another 19 days.

Klout, however, released their own branded page last night with basically instant Klout Perk offerings. Klout is giving away a limited Klout achievement to the Top 1000, a Klout T-Shirt to the Top 100, and a web chat with the Klout CEO to the Top 10. [I have already signed up to receive my T-Shirt.]

What’s so exciting about this? There are a couple of things. The first being that Klout is stepping up their game on these topic and offering some great incentives. Secondly, with the “race to the top” concept with Red Bull, there is a micro-community formed among the participants. I have been in chats with 4 of the other top 10 for more than an hour. And have had some form of communication with 3 of the other top 10. Not to mention, that the name “Red Bull” gets mentioned thousands of times per day. I’m sure they are happy about that!

There are some other Klout and Klout Perks related top-cs for discussion that have come out of these last few days. I’ll be sure to get to those at a later time.

 2. My First Car Story from Subaru

Klout has been able to take part in a major advertising campaign with Subaru. I have written about how great of a campaign and Klout Perk this is before. The Klout Perk offers a free t-shirt and pushes you to see a very cool website that lets you create a video about your first car and the memories associated with it. I have yet to receive the shirt, but Klout peeps tell me it is on the way.

3. Falling Skies

I discussed this perk as park of the Varying Levels of Effectiveness of Klout Perks. This one spoiled me and had tons of swag associated with it. I’m not sure how much I would have really paid attention to Klout without it. The TV show associated with the Perk turned out to be pretty good and the people I met along the way in this perk have stuck with me. It has been an all-around great experience.

Final Word

Like anything else, there is good and bad associated with Klout Perks. I can assume that a good part of the great things have to do with the ability of the partner involved in the perks. The same can be said about the bad. Overall, do what you do on a social level; check back on Klout; and eventually you’ll be offered some sort of Perk. I hope that yours are as great as what I have written about int his post.

Do you have any great Klout Perk experiences to share? Any overall impressions on Klout Perks? Leave a comment.

  • Really nice post. We don’t get to see many of the Klout perks over here in the UK. It’s a shame really because I think there is a good market for them. Thanks for sharing… and of course I +K you in Red Bull : ) and Klout

    • There are a lot of Perks that are only available in major cities, so some in less urban/populated areas miss out on them. Your pain is felt!

  • nice! keep up the good work, KB!

    • Thanks Clayton. Keep giving me more good things to write about!

  • koam

    I gave +K for Red Bull. Please +K my influence in Klout on @klout http://klout.com/plusk/36873226714452057/82098006?n=tw&v=plusK_ask  Please RT

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  • Randy

    Good information, thanks Kelly!

  • Kate O’Mara

    One ‘perk’ was 50 business cards Free with $20 shipping. I passed. 

  • I love the Perks (that’s my favorite part about Klout) but it’s not open to Canadians at the same level as the US.

    • I don’t live in a big city, so some of the perks aren’t available to me either. I can feel your pain!

  • So far, I haven’t seen any Klout perks that resonate with me.  I’m still giving out K’s though!

  • Congrats on your Red Bull perk achievement!  I’m interested to see how far this campaign goes – you’ll have to keep me posted!

    Of all the perks I’ve received so far I think the best has been the free Corel PaintShop Pro software.   Of course… I’m still waiting on something REALLY good like a free car!  LOL 🙂

    • I’m still trying to keep in the top 10. +K in Red Bull helps! http://klout.com/plusk/69882/94240075?n=tw&v=plusK_ask

  • I give Klout everyday, as far as the perks go I am not that interested so far 🙂 Great post, I will be sharing 🙂

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