A Year in Klout Perks: Part 3: Fails

In Part 1 and Part 2, I have talked about some of the perks I have received and what their level of effectiveness and early access to products. Today, I’m going to focus on the ones that had “Zero Effectiveness.” We can refer to these as the Fails…. They are not, for the most part, any of Klouts fault. Klout did their part in promoting the program.

1. Wahooly

Wahooly Klout PromoThis perk was basically allowing those selected for the Klout Perk to  invest their social equity into a Wahooly partner and form a community to support that partner. Great Concept! Poor execution!! The perk was released when there was a community board, but none of the action was able to happen in getting things moving. In a few weeks, it launched to allow people to select their partners to work with and spread the social love on.

I picked TweetTV, which is a pretty cool way to follow Twitter Chats online while watching a TV program. It had integrated TV programming info to allow you to select your programs based upon your provider. Very Cool!

Just a day or two after the launch, the site was brought down to technical issues, and as far as I have seen has never surfaced again. There has been no action on the site really since the end of February, so this crashed and burned real hard! As I said, no fault at allto Klout on their promotion of this. I was plenty excited to check it out and participated in Wahooly as it was alive, but was very disappointed when it failed!

2. Touch

I get hundreds of emails a day. Now I get one more a week from Fox TV and the show Touch. I read the description and was excited to see another TV show perk. Falling Skies had done such a great job promoting their show, I thought I might have missed something on Touch. No, I was wrong. It was for early clues to the plot of the show sent via email.

Why is this a fail? It can only be called a success if you count me passing on the word to a friend of the perk. Neither of us have watched the show and I have yet to promote the perk outside of this blog post. I know that Perks are free to influencers and such, but I expect a bit more for this one. Fox has basically put nothing into this perk except for artwork and what they are paying Klout to promote it. Even the small sample of AXE hair product came off better than this. Some have been calling this a Perk for spam.


These are the two Klout Perks I can point out that are clear fails to me. There are others that have not been as great as expected, but there is no need to call those out. I have seen an improvement over time in what Klout is selecting for perks. Next, I’ll talk about the Klout Perks that I am currently most excited about.

Did you participate in these perks? Are their others that didn’t work out for you or were much less than expected? Leave me a comment.