A Year in Klout Perks: Part 2: Early Access 1

This is a continuation of the exploration or reflection in the year I have been experiencing Klout Perks. Part 1 discussed a few perks that had varying levels of effectiveness with me.

Perks are awarded or users are selected to participate in the perks based upon Klout’s perception of a user’s influence in a certain area or over-all social score they assign. There are fancy algorithms they use to figure it all out. In this part, I will be looking at some of the perks that granted early access to a product or service.

1. Bottlenose

Bottlenose DashboardFor me, this has been the best early access item. Bottlenose takes a unique approach to surfing through social streams. In the picture to the right, you can see the “Sonar” that tells you what is trending socially in your channels. You can then click on those items for Facebook and Twitter to dig deeper and find the info you want. Very Cool! I have added this to my set of social media tools and use it as needed for discovery. This was not a limited release to Klout users, but it was something very cool to see!

2. Klout’s Topic Pages

Klout granted basically everyone the ability to preview the topic pages. It was restricted to anyone over a Klout score of 15. So, more than 85 percent of people out there saw it. It was just a taste of what the eventual topic pages would look like. This was a good way to introduce a new feature to the general public, but it really was not a reward. It help people get accustomed to the concept of topics, but may have been able to  have been done in another way than as a perk. Did this make me feel special? No.

3. Klout’s Add your Own Topic

This was an enhancement on the Topic Pages Perk, I feel. Those over a score of 40 were given access to be one of the first to add their own topics to Klout Topics. This, again, was an eventual feature that was sent out to test on the Klout audience. In both of these, there could have been a better mechanism for receiving feedback on the features, some of which don’t still work completely.

4. Wahooly

This was early access to a system for helping to earn cash for your social influence by promoting other products. This was a great idea with a limited number of people allowed into the program. I will talk about this one more in Part 3.


Do you have any thoughts on these perks? Did you receive a Klout Perk that granted you early access to a product/service or something cool? Leave a comment.

  • I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on Wahooly.