A Year in Klout Perks: Part 1: Varying degrees of Effectiveness 6

I’ve seen a ton of different things fly by me in the last year that I have been signed up on Klout. After I complete this blog post, Iwill be sure to finally leave feedback on the site as well. I just wanted to point out some of the highlights and things that left my head scratching with Klout Perks. I’m not trying to “look a gift horse in the mouth” or not be thankful for these freebies. I want to simply look at their effectiveness compared to what was offered.

I will go one by one and talk about each of the Klout Perks I have seen this year over upcoming days. Here’s the start:

1. Falling Skies

Falling Skies Klout PerkThis was by far the best swag I have seen to date. It was also my first perk. This perk spoiled me! This perk set out to promote the Falling Skies TV show on TNT last summer. TNT had set up their own leader board and contest and made this a very interactive experience for those who received the perk.

As a side effect, a community sprung out of the perk and a number of Falling Skies “Leader board” lists were created on Twitter. I even made sure to check in on Falling Skies each week so I could keep going with the contest and see how the items I was being sent related to the show. My highest point on the leaderboard was around #10, but I can honestly say that I have connected with all of the other who were in the top 10!

This Klout Perk was both effective in gaining my attention and giving me motivation to talk about it. Everyone at the office had seen the swag from Falling Skies and I know of some people who even watched the show because of it. So, a promotion that caused action and amplification of their message at the same time. I’d have to say that this was a very effective campaign

2. Moo Cards

Free business cards from Moo cards, but you have to pay $5 in shipping? Some have been complaining about this being a “Free but you have to pay” perk. I’m not so worried about that. This is a good value and I would consider it for some personal cards, but I just haven’t seen the need to place an order yet. Also, I don’t know that I have the photography available that I would like to use on it. So this Klout Perk has gone unspent so far.

Others in my office have received this perk and the product turned out great when you have appropriate photography. I love the ability to make each card different. It makes for great conversation.

I have not seen the need to spread the word about this or discuss it much. I’m not sure how effective this is as a marketing/advertising/viral campaign.

3. Spotify

Spotify Klout PerksYay! Klout Perks for everyone! It’s nice that Klout opened up this Perk to everyone. For a day or two I was interested in the service, but it didn’t do much more than I needed previously. This didn’t amount to too much for me. Others that I know got interested in it right way and still use it though.

4. Axe Hair Product

This is a little Klout Perk. As you can see of the picture of me and the sample size product, there was little there to use. I can’t say that there was much positive to say about this Perk. It was a bit of a laugh at the office compare to the other Perks people have gotten. No one at the office had really said anything positive about the hair care product and I have yet to use mine. I think that I’m saving it for a “break in case of an emergency” situation when my hair needs it.

I didn’t see much other discussion about this perk outside of Klout reviews, so I would have to assume that this didn’t get as far as some of the other perks.


Did you get any of these Klout Perks? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment.

  • Wow, I’m like you, the moo cards, I qualified, for and the Ax product, but being a female, I didn’t bother. missed the falling sky. The spotify I tried to download it and it infected every file in my computer as a music file, don’t ask, not sure how that happened. I’m now having to take my computer in to the repair shop, so no , not too good. Most of the perks have not been very “awesome”, most I have missed as I have ecked up, they have all be “gone” when I get there. How is that!

    • To get on the better ones you need to check Klout every couple of days to get in on. There were only 500 or so in on the Falling Skies one. It was really nice. An initial gift pack, shown above, and 2-3 mailed items on top of the leader board. I still wear the hat from time to time. All in all Falling Skies was about an $80 value I would see. Some others I will post about are basically free for the source minus anything Klout may charge for services.

  • layanglicana

    I used the Moo cards and signed up to Spotify – I’m guessing I got both off the back of Klout, but had completely forgotten that part!

  • More than happy to share the knowledge

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