Will Android Users switch to Instagram? 6

For months, Instagram has been kindly teasing the Android community with the release of their version of the photo sharing application that has been a staple for iOS/Apple users. Earlier this week, an Instagram co-founder announced that the application is in private beta at this point. That leads me to believe that it will be out in upcoming weeks or months.

Then I got to thinking…. (scary, right?)

Will I make the switch to Instagram?

What does Instagram have to offer that I’m not currently getting with my other applications? I currently use PicPlz for my photo needs. Here’s a nice little chart to compare their features:

Instagram vs picplz chart

The only other item that I thought of that was not included in this chart was integration with this blog in WordPress. I already have a feed coming from PicPlz, but I’m sure there are just as many if not more options coming from Instagram. So, that became a non-issue.

The only item of difference between Instagram and Picplz that I really have any concern over is the line for Klout integration. Dropbox is nice to have for archiving photos, but not necessary. I also really don’t think that I need to have blur effects. So, that leaves us with Klout Integration. Is that enough to push me over to Instagram? Possibly.

What does Klout have to do with it?

Klout Instagram ConnectIt isn’t Klout per se that matters here, but rather what it represents. The integration with the “Influence” system is more than likely due to the popularity with Instagram and it’s 27 Million users. PicPlz has by my best estimations about 10-15% of that. So, there is not a doubt that the user community for Instagram is a major win. I’ll definitely have to give Instagram a try.

What will motivate people to go to Instagram

With any new popular app coming to the market place there will always be the “shiny, new toy” effect. Excitement over the newness and popularity effect is common. See “Band wagon.” This effect will only last so long.

Before looking at the features, I assumed that there would be some big advantages to Instagram due to its popularity. I’m not able to find it.

Picplz and other photo programs are not always rated so well on App review sites or Google Play. There may be another case of “perceived advantage” in going to a new application. (All the Apple fans can’t be wrong, right?) Much of the issues here can also be based around the variety of devices that are used in the Android world.

Final Word

I’m interested in what Instagram can do outside of the pictures it takes. I want to see what effect there is in a community of users and what kind adoption takes place with Android users. In the end, I am going to have to see which one works the best for my device.

Android Users: Will you give it a try?

Apple Users: What do you like about Instagram?