That’s Manteresting: A place to Pin MANly things outside of Pinterest

Mantersting : where to go to avoid all the girly stuff from Pinterest

I’ve written about  how to avoid all of the girly stuff on Pinterest like shoes, recipes, shoes, dresses, shoes.. I see ALOT of shoes on Pinterest, ok!?!?! Now, the easiest way is to simply skip (I mean, strut) on over to

The Good

Batman Money Clip on ManterestingI just started looking at the site and it has much of the functionality of Pinterest, but also includes a system to vote up or down a “Nail.” Nails are the manly version of the Pinterest Pins. Also, the boards are replaced by workbenches! It all sounds so left crafty.

What will you see there? Chicks, cool cars, gadgets, alcohol and golf related advertising and stuff,  people doing stupid things, cool movie props and action shots, and a whole bunch more. Oh, and let’s not leave out some crude humor.

What is not allowed are sexually explicit images and the normal list of harassing, racist, etc., things that are illegal. So, this is not Pinterest of Porn.

The Bad

The site is a little wonky and doesn’t seemed to be completely worked out. When you get to a Nail and maximize it, you have to push the Escape key to get out of it. There is currently no button to do that. The design is very simplistic, but that may have been done on purpose. I have also not found an easy way to identify your friends on there. Other platforms have much more integration. I still need to see if there is a bookmarklet or something else out side of the site to help with getting content to there.

The Ugly

geek vs golfWith the voting system of either voting up a Nail with a “Bump it” or voting it down with a “Shame it,” you should be able to easily access the good content on the Top Voted page and the ugly content on the Wall of Shame.

Final Word

I’ll take a look at this for a bit, but I’m not sure how long it will hold my attention. There are so many ways to sort things out on Pinterest and eliminate the content you don’t want to see that I may not leave there. Pinterest is also widely adopted and more refined as a service. If I find more interesting things out on Manteresting I will leave some comments.

What are your thoughts? Is this needed? Will you try it? Let me know.