Saying ‘Thank you’ on Twitter

Thank youI checked out a post today from Diana Adams ( @adamsconsulting ) on Bit Rebels called “The Twitter Controversy Over Thanking for Retweets” from 2009. At that time she was considering what to do and what manners should be used with Twitter in showing appreciation for people retweeting her messages on Twitter. Did doing this too much clog up the streams she was following? It got me to thinking.

How I thank people

I’ll admit that I’m not great at thanking people on a regular basis. I used to thank every person that followed me on Twitter a year ago. Now, when I can get 20-50 new followers a day, it can take a lot of time to accomplish that task. I would also not want to find an automated tool to do it for me. People can see right through that…. Here’s an example. So, currently, I take my Follow Fridays as a way to thank people for their Mentions, Retweets and the FFs they mention me in. I know it is not optimal, but it’s something honest.

Beyond thanking people, I try to keep people’s interest in mind when I find something of interest in mind. This is another way of showing your appreciation for someone’s interests.

What I see

I see a whole lot of auto direct messages on Twitter with “Thank you for following… (now do this for me)” types of messages. Many of the services I write about are grateful for the postings about their efforts and talk about it. But, generally, I do not see a lot of earnest appreciation for the little things. I may miss it, but I don’t see it from the online action. I am super grateful for the followup on Twitter to in-person interactions from people IRL (In Real Life ).

What do you do?

How do you show your appreciation to others online when they engage, amplify or show interest in what you’re doing? I’d love to hear suggestions about how you add that special touch to how you interact with people on Twitter. Leave me a comment here, mention me or DM me on Twitter and I’d love to talk about this.