New to Netflix Instant Play: Fat Man & Little Boy

Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) movie posterNamed for the two Atomic Bombs that ended World War II, Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) tells the story of J.Robert Oppenheimer and the fellow scientists who worked on creating these devices. The story of their second-thoughts on the project and the struggles with General Groves round out the story of the rush to be the first country to develop Atomic Bombs.

Fat Man and Little Boy has a surprisingly star-studded cast starting with Paul Newman as General Groves. Others in the cast include John Cusack, Laura Dern, Natasha Richardson, and Dwight Schultz. More on the cast can be found on

I first saw this movie in High School chemistry class. The politics, science and advancements made at the time of the Manhattan Projects was astounding. Any of J. Robert Oppenheimer’s books or writings are well worth the read if you are interested in scientific theory.

The movie will be available on Netflix streaming service until June 1.