My first round of Stickers from GetGlue

GetGlue has done a great job with their incentive stickers. I received my first set through the mail the other day and I was surprised at the level of quality of the stickers.

I know that I gave GetGlue a bit of a hard time in an article about incentivizing timely media consumption, but the stickers a much better than a “good job” sticker you would have received on a paper in school. These stickers are about 1.5 inches round with excellent print quality. ¬†What really intrigues me is that GetGlue is able to do these stickers as a variable print job to thousands of GetGlue users each month. That ability is something that still is hard to imagine being accomplished 10 years ago.

As a marketing piece, GetGlue is sure to include 3 extra GetGlue branded stickers. This could make for some nice “spreading-the-word” action. I have not decided what I will do with mine yet, but I’m sure that they will come in useful.