My Favorite Bookmarklet list 1

Bookmarklets are simple free tools that extend the surf and search capabilities of your web browsers. Bookmarklets allow you to extract information from a webpage, modify how you see a webpage, share information from a webpage to another service, and more! Bookmarklets do not require installation, but rather you drag the image into your bookmarks bar and the script runs from there. They work on all platforms and browsers. Bookmarklets contain JavaScript that act as a URL in a bookmark. Also, if you want to see the variety of Bookmarklets are out there, visit

Some of My Favorites

Drag the links to add the  Bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.


Press This – This bookmarklet can be found in the Tools portion of the WordPress Admin.

Pin it – Add an item from the page to a Pinterest board

Share on Tumblr – Uh, it shares the page to Tumblr.

TwitThis – Easily create a tweet with a URL from the page you are on for Twitter.

Curate.Us  –  Create a clip image of a webpage and share it on social channels. A Swiss Army knife for Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, Blogger, LiveJournal. You can read more about the service on my post about Curate.Us.



TT Stats – The premier stats info for

Autobop – Will make you “awesome” and bop your head to each song. Comes in handy if you’re going to be away from the turntable for a bit.



Google Search

Wikipedia Search

IMDB Search Search


Misc. Tools

View Password – this will allow you to see what your autofill password is for the page you are on. Can come in very handy if you’re sloppy about how you keep your passwords.

PwnYouTube – Allows you to save copies of your YouTube videos.


Do you use any other bookmarkets that I may like? Let me know.