Great Ways to show Some #FollowFriday (#ff) Love

Follow Friday Love HeartI’ve talked about some of the ways to do a Follow Friday or #ff before on Twitter using Follow Friday Helper. Now, I’d like to talk about some of the cool things you can do to go over the top and show some real love for your tweeps! Automation can go so far in helping you do a #ff or Follow Friday, the real craft is in doing things creatively! Here are a few suggestions:

Create a video

I have done this a couple of times and it is really pretty painless. I have it down to 12 minutes to create a video for Youtube that thanks my friends for their follows. This is a link to my first #ff video. I’ll share my secret on how to do this.

  1. Grab the avatars from your friends Twitter accounts. (you can usually do 3-4 in this method.)
  2. (Optional) Download a piece of Royalty Free music from Jamendo.
  3. Go to Animoto and pick a free template to create a free 30 second video.
  4. Plug in your pictures and friend’s names, and say thank you with a text screen.
  5. Select either the pre-loaded music or upload your own.
  6. Produce video and download from Animoto (there will be an Animoto logo at the end unless you upgrade. People normally don’t care/notice.)
  7. Upload it to your Youtube account and share it with your friends. (Don’t for get the #ff or #followfriday hashtag!)

Call people out individually

Using Follow Friday Helper or‘s automated services are great if you’re strapped for time. But it is more effective if you tell people why you like this Twitter friend. Here is an example:

#ff @dpillie He always gives great advice and information on #indiana #politics

Using some qualifier will help your followers to see what you like about someone. Not everyone has the same interest. If you’re not in Indiana or not interested in Politics, you may not want to follow @dpillie. (He’s such a nice guy that you’d want to follow him anyways!) The more information you can provide here the better!

Give out a link

Amplifying someone’s message is always a great way to show you like what someone has to say. You can either link to something that your Twitter friend has shared or link to their blog or a profile. Here is an example:

#ff @kpbergman Great Ways to show Some #FollowFriday Love |

Doing this will add to the information that your followers will see on the person you think is a great tweep! It will also amplify the message they want to send out and get the benefit of extra traffic or exposure.

So, do you have other ways you like to show your #fridayfollow love? Do you #ff? Why or Why not? Leave a comment.