Great Promos: Fruit Ninja + Star Wars = Brisksaber

Brisksaber AppThis is the latest in the cross marketing attempts for bottled drinks. Recently, there was a Mountain Dew Promotion that awarded points towards in-game perks with the latest Call of Duty game. But, Brisk has gone way further with their promotion with the latest re-installment of the Star Wars franchise – Episode I in 3D.

What Brisk is doing…

On their bottles they are showing graphics that promote the movie with codes on every cap of Brisk Ice Tea products. You enter that code at and earn rewards on the application called Brisksaber.

The Game

Brisksaber AppThe title of this article sums up the game very well. You pick your type of game (time trial or survival), your allegiance (boo, dark side!), and your light saber. You then swipe your finger across the screen and destroy as many items from the other side as possible.

Why is this so Cool?

Brisk is expanding it’s work on making the brand appear edgy and defy the common stereotypes about tea. I has been using urban images on its packaging for some time now and this Star Wars tie-in only pushes the brand further from the classic tea imagery.

What also is very slick is the style of the Brisk ads related to this campaign (see video below). The style takes adored Star Wars characters (mostly from Episode I), and puts them at the center of the advertising and applications. The timing of the release of Star Wars: Episode I in 3D with this promotion is sure to make the most impact. But will it woo the die-hard Star Wars fans? Only time will tell.

One thing is for certain… Star Wars fans are sure going to go nuts over the app that let’s them wield a Lightsaber. Watch out for them screaming “My finger is a Lightsaber!”