Goodbye Android Market, Hello Google Play! 2

Google hasn’t just rebranded the Android Market now as Google Play, it has upped its game on the media consumption field.

Much like what Apple has done with the iStore or what the relationship is for Kindle and Amazon, Google Play serves as the central source source for applications, music, books, and movies. It is Google’s attempt to create the one-stop shop for Android phone and tablet users.

Here are some of the enhancements Google is talking about with the change…

The Power of the Cloud

All of the items purchased in Google Play will be available on Android Phones, computers and Android Tablets. That means you can buy a book and read it on your computer or phone. You can rent a movie and watch it on your tablet or computer. Google Play cloud is free to use as well.

Share, Share, Share…

As Google has been doing with other products, they are integrating their platforms. You can share posts about your favorite books, music, movies, games or apps to your circles on Google+, email, or text message in a single click.

Specials going on now

6 days to playFor the next week, the Google Play is offering a different album, book, video rental, and Android app at a special price.  Today’s specials are Inglorious Basterds to rent, the book Fight Club , a Lil Wayne CD, and Flicka Golf Extreme app for 25 cents each.

 My thoughts

Not much really changed so far on the mobile applications, but I’m sure that it will. All I saw that was different was a new Terms of Service to sign that was branded as Google Play. The app is still branded as Market as it had been.

Google’s going to continue to expand it’s areas of influence and take on the competition of Apple and Amazon as a company of its size can. The top black bar of Google will continue to be refined and improved. Currently, the Google Books link takes you to a transition screen saying that it has been added to Play, then redirects you to Google Play. Google Music redirects you automatically to Google Play with a new Terms of Service Agreement. (NOTE: as I was writing and checking info for this post, Google Music disappeared from my Google Bar at the top completely. In the “More” selection, Google Play has now appeared.) So, things are still in a state of transition.

I’m both excited and concerned about the sharing ability that has been added to Google Play. The excitement is over the ability to more quickly share and explore more types of entertainment with those people in my circles. The concern that I have is over the continual growth of information collection by Google. I’m certain that the items that are shared by my friends and I will be reflected in my search results and Adwords advertising. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts?

  • kelly gibbs

    how do i delete google play ?

    • You could remove it like you would any other application on your mobile device, if that is your question..