First Car Story from Subaru = Great Marketing was brought to my attention through a Klout Perk. The perk offers a T-shirt and a link to go and visit the First Car Story site. I cannot embed the flash video I created  from the site, but here is a link to My First Car Story.

The video creation in this is very easy to do and takes less than a couple of minutes if you know what your story is. You select a car avatar and name it. You then type your story. The program selects terms from the story to add to the video. You can select words to highlight in the video and it will use text art to add illustrations in the video. The video is very stylized and looks great. Then you can explore your friend’s videos by driving your car around the screen.

What’s so great about this?

This has huge viral potential. In the 10 minutes since I had created my First Car Story on the site. More than 15,000 impressions have been made and at least 1-2 people that I can verify have watched the video I made. I’m creating this post to see what kind of traffic will be generated from someone writing about this site in an honest fashion.

The people at Subaru are making a great move with this. The concept is slick and stylized with plenty of interaction to be had on the site. The integration with Facebook to log in and feature your Facebook friends in the video is ingenious. Once you are done with the creation of your First Car Story, the site turns into a mini driving game that you can drive your car around and see other’s stories, or watch a video on the new Subaru Impreza.

How does this site miss the target?

The only complaint that I can have about this site is that it was done completely in Flash. That will make the site fun and interesting, but it will miss out on much of the mobile market if there is not an alternative. I will have to look into this further and see if anything has been done to accommodate the iPad and mobile users out there.

I’m interested to see how many of my friends latch on to this site and create something. What do you think?