C’mon guys, Pinterest is for you too!

Pinterest LogoThe growth in the image posting site Pinterest is undeniable. I started looking at Pinterest a few months ago after seeing links from some Facebook friends. What did I see there: nail polish colors,  pictures of dresses, flowers, puppies, arts and crafts projects, handbags and shoes. Yes, much of what you would expect to see from the current demographics on Pinterest…

Current statistics have women being about 65-80 percent of all users on Pinterest. A Google search can show you the latest news story on it. However, I think that the percentage of women is in decline as I am starting to see more masculine images on my Pinterest wall. While many of them still have artistic appeal, they are less flowers, handbags and shoes!

How to avoid the girly stuff

Pinterest allows you to select which of your friends boards or collections of images that you follow. It’s as easy as clicking on one of your friend’s names. That will take you to profile page that will display their boards. From there, you can select follow or unfollow below each of the boards. Filtering out the girly stuff should be pretty simple!

What guys can do with Pinterest

Just share the things you like!
To the right is one of the infographics that first caught my attention on Pinterest. What’s more manly than guns? I’ve also seen a lot of cool car photography, DIY projects, and amazing info graphics.

Market a business! This will not work for everyone, depending on your products and services, but it definitely seems to take hold in some industries. The infographic I posted here is from a gun safe manufacturer – Cannon Safes. You can also use it to highlight some of your most creative and branded marketing and presentation materials.

Share your DIY projects. Have a project you have completed and would like to show off? This is as good of venue as any to show off your skills! You can also add some descriptive tags to images to help others get through and solve issues they may be having with their projects. People love “How-to” type of information.

UPDATE: Manteresting and a number of clones are popping up that take the work out of filtering on Pinterest. Read more about Manteresting and how it serves as a manly alternative.