AMC’s The Walking Dead never fails to Surprise!

Now that season 2 of The Walking Dead has ended, I really want to go take a look at the comics that inspired the TV show on AMC. The problem is that I do not want to ruin the anticipation I have for what is going to happen next in the series. The comics would ruin all of that and answer all of my questions.

The last three episodes of the season made up for a bit of a lull that occurred earlier on with the search for Sophia. Several characters died and the suspense over what was going to happen next was insane. Here’s just a quick summary of the major items in these three episodes:

Mystery person saves Andrea on The Walking DeadDale questions morality. Rick sees the changes in Carl. Dale gets attacked by a walker. Daryl says “Sorry Brother” and puts down dale. Shane back stabs Rick and leads him on ruse out into the woods to kill Rick. Rick kills Shane who comes back as a zombie and gets shot by Carl. A herd of zombie walkers heads to the farm. A massive shoot ’em up ensues with Jimmy and Patricia being taken by the walkers. Everyone separates and meets up at the highway, except Andrea. She is left running through the woods to fend for herself until some cloaked ninja with two zombie slaves saves her. Rick tells all about they are all infected and he killed Shane.

That is s ton of story line wrapped up into 3 episodes! The show left several unanswered questions, just like any good cliffhanger should!

Who is it that saved Andrea? (See picture)

What does mean that they are all infected now?

Who will die next?

What’s going on with Daryl and Carol? 

Why do we keep seeing helicopters over Atlanta?

What is that mystery facility at the end of the season? A Prison? A military compound?

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows on TV right now, along with AMC’s Breaking Bad. Both are on hiatus now, but the wait time between the seasons has been well worth it. I’m sure that these shows will continue to be on rotation in the same time slot. Below is a making of clip from AMC.

What are your thoughts?