Well Klout, that’s a little awkward (even for Valentine’s Day) 2

+Kiss from Klout

+Kiss from Klout

Today, it seems, Klout will allow its users to give out +Kiss instead of its usual +K. I didn’t really notice it was happening (may be due to lack of sleep) until I was reviewing my Klout tweets and saw that I had received a kiss from Fabrice Bertelli. Ahh!! Some french guy is trying to kiss me! Then I saw I had sent out kisses!

I will now apologize to many of my friends and acquaintances. I like you, but not in that way.

I know that Klout is just trying to take advantage of a Valentines Day theme, but eww…

Here is what my influencers look like on Klout today.

Valentines Day +Kiss on Klout

Valentines Day +Kiss on Klout

  • Fabrice Bertelli

    Funny indeed, this time. Automatically We’ve given rights to use our Twitter account so many times, from so many web sites, than a lot of labels can write what they want with our name…

    Bon baiser de Bruxelles 😉


    • Thanks for the +K Fabrice. It just seemed odd and not well thought through from Klout. Also, without notice, the routine actions we make on those services cause us not to review them each time we do something. Best Wishes from the US!