Tum.bz : A good start to media exploration

TumbzI was first told about the Tum.bz beta from Kevin Mullett who started talking about new beta opportunities on his blog. I applied to the private beta, and a few days later I received my invite.

Tumbz is about media exploration. To compare it to a social network, it would be like a Twitter instead of a Facebook or a Quora that provide long, drawn-out answers or posts. Tumbz (both the name of the site and the type of remark made about the media) are simple, short and to the point. Here is how they describe it:

Tumbz helps you discover albums, movies and books by listening to the opinion of people whose taste you respect. Old school charts and current social networks both fail to give you quality insight about entertainment products. Get charts and product suggestions based on users with interests matchings yours!

So far, I like the design and straight-forward purpose of Tumbz, but I have a few concerns. Currently, it is difficult to find others who you know on the system. Also, there are plenty of places to get recommendations. Do these micro-reviews go far enough from the mainstream to make a difference? I hope so.