That 70s Show taken off of the Watch Instantly list on Netflix 2


That 70s Show: error 404

NOTE: This show returned to Netflix, only to be taken off again Nov. 1, 2013.

This is only adding to my frustrations with Netflix. I’m sure that no one at Netflix got my message about concerns over the limitations of the content they are providing. See my Netflix Content post here. I just have the feeling if Red was around he would find his way to put his foot into someone’s ass!

I was looking on m TV to watch this for a bit, and it was not in my Instant Queue or in Recently Viewed recommendations. Oh, and it wasn’t in search results at all. Only after looking it up online did I see the image that is in this post.

A little notice on removal would be great. They don’t have to be as inconsiderate as Lori. With all the changes they have been making to try to get more DVD sign-ups it seems that they may just be as dumb as Michael Kelso.

  • Brayden Foust

    yeah I agree dude it pisses me off as well

  • StewartMorris

    Yeah I was in a watch that 70s show mood yesterday and I couldn’t watch it. I had to walk 5 miles to the nearest video rental place and rent the stupid DVD box set from there and walk back