That 70’s Show back on Netflix to stream

Well, that didn’t take long! Based on just the traffic hitting my story on That 70s Show leaving Netflix, I can tell that it was sorely missed. In the two weeks following the show’s exit from Netflix, the post received more than 400 views. That makes it one of my most popular posts to date. I’d like to mark this occasion with a scene from That 70s Show:

Michael Kelso: I’m sorry. Look, I’ve been screwed by Darwinism… never needed to evolve listening skills ’cause my looks are so highly developed.
Donna Pinciotti: Um, that’s not how evolution works.
Michael Kelso: Yeah, sure it is. Look, say I had to catch my own food, right? But I only ate really fast animals? My feet would eventually evolve into rockets.
Steven Hyde: Man, it’s amazing your brain doesn’t evolve into pudding.

I’m sure this came down to a contract issue as to why the show disappeared. According to Instant Watcher, the show will be available until October. So, get your fill in until then. Welcome back Gang!