Sumazi: Making the Connection

I caught a link from a new follower: @sumaya on Twitter. I took a peek at it and saw a glimpse at Sumazi. I was intrigued by what Sumazi is working towards in their efforts. The front page sums it up.

Sumazi helps introduce you to the people who are out of sight, but not beyond your reach.

I went through the sign up process and Sumaya Kazi that the access was granted to the beta. There are a variety of categories to sort through as to how the call out’s for introductions or opportunities are handled. You can also add a geographic tag to limit your search further.

Initial thoughts on the site

The site appears very clean, well-planned and executed. I was wondering how communication between the people who were connected within the site was dealt with by Sumazi, but I was not disappointed. The site sticks with it’s core goal and doesn’t stray from it.

Making the connection

I put out a search to find someone to communicate with on some of my interests. Within a day or so, people passing along the request I had to other people through Facebook and Twitter, and possibly email. Likewise, if you are interested in making the connection with someone, or know someone who would be a match for someone’s need or opportunity, you can help them out as well.

About 2 days or so after I made my request I was connected with someone and other people were also starting to make the connection. These referrals and first hand interests were all on target and above board for my expectations. Some of them could even be considered a mentor level connection. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED!

I have had email communication with about a third of the connections I have made there and there have been at least connections made through Facebook. Below is an image of what a connection dashboard looks like:

Sumazi -- Connect Intelligently -- I'm looking for new people to connect with and share ideas about social media, business strategy, SEO, and all things web. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, WordPress, Empire Avenue, Social Tools, more..

Final Word

You can look at the great things that have been in the press about Sumazi and tell that it is going somewhere. I’d recommend that you go and request an invite for the beta. Sumazi can only get better with the increased number of people participating. I look forward to seeing you there! (Below is a video on how Sumazi works.)