Let Me In to expire from Netflix streaming

Let Me InI don’t watch too many movies on Netflix more than once – This was an exception! I enjoy watching movies after the buzz has died down because it leaves me with the greatest surprise. I knew this was some horror film of sorts and never saw the original film. I can’t say I was completely surprised by the major reveal of Let Me In, but it was certainly nice to see transpire.

Basic Plot in a Few Words – Spoiler

Bullied Owen befriends Abby who turns out to be a 12-year-old vampire.

Why I liked it

I’ve seen tons of vampire films. Everything from Dracula to Blacula to Interview with a vampire to 40 Days of Night have hit my TV screen at one point or another. What Let Me In does (that is most like Interview with a Vampire) is that it explores vampires and their relationships in less than a bloodlust fare. The friendship between Owen and Abby is real and I believe that Owen feels as loved by Abby as he does protected.

This American remake of Let the Right One In is set to expire from Netflix Instant streaming on Feb. 29.