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In the last week or so I have discovered that content expires at vastly different rates. One of the best sites I have found to check up on some of my favorite shows is

All of this started when That 70s Show was taken off of Instant Watch with Netflix. I started to look around, and it appears that unless you know anything about the API or how to manipulate a feed, that you may never know when a show will expire.

An All-in-One site

Expiring Soon on Instant - from

Instant Watcher connects with your Netflix account and allows you to queue up a show or put it into your Instant Queue. It also has a far superior search functionality than the Netflix site – see the “Expiring Soon” image on the page.

I really like the ability to see what shows are expiring soon to make sure that I catch one of my favorites before they vanish. The image shows how you can sort those soon leaving the Netflix Instant stream. The same search functionality can be used for a variety of other categories as well.

The site also pulls in a ton of data from other sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, New York Times, and the Internet Movie Database. This gives a well rounded look any program that Netflix has to offer. Take a look at one of my old Tarantino Favorites, Reservoir Dogs, for example.

Final Word

Not only does Instant Watcher offer this great online solution, there is also an android app that carries along with it many of the site’s features. I haven’t used it very much, but it has ran smoothly while I’ve used it. If you get concerned with you favorite show disappearing from Netflix, take a look at and see how much time it will be available.