: A Web Clipping tool with Stats

I’m always interested in finding new ways to share things that I come across. Kevin Mullett showed me a site called and I think took a look at its sister site, The site is a curation tool that allows you to share clips from sites. Below is an Example of a clip of this blog:

 Clipping vs. Screen Capture

Normally, I use the  Screen Capture extension from my Chrome browser to capture what I want to share. That process involves pushing the extension Icon, selecting what I want to capture, clicking ok, and saving it to the hard drive. I think need to insert it into the post by clicking on the Insert button, browsing to the image and then uploading it. From there I have to add the captions, ALT text, etc and get the image the size I want it to be. This is about 12 steps to get through the process (with all the screens I needed opened already.)

Curate Us - Go Beyond the Link - cirrusabs clipWith the clip, you would copy the URL of the page you are on, and paste it into a “Make Clip” field. After 15 seconds or less, the screen to the right appears.You can adjust what part of the page you want, what size you want the clip to be and how you want it positioned on the page. Then you can copy the Embed code over to your post in the HTML and there it is. This will cut down on steps to get a clip of a website into your blog by about half!

The downside to all this is that you have to capture the width of the site and not just one part of it. So, if you are featuring an entire site for something, then clipping will save you some effort.

Final Word

The statistics that go along with are pretty simple and straight forward. They will tell you per clipping exactly how many views and clicks each clipping has received. This can be handy if you want to see which one has been viewed the most, but you can still get that info through Google analytics on page views or through website stats that are built into WordPress, etc.

What I like about is the simple steps it takes to get an effective screen capture of a site to my blog. Even at the defaults (as shown above), the presentation comes off very well.

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