• Alison

    This TOTALLY worked! Thanks!

    • http://kpbergman.com kpbergman

      Glad it could be of help!

  • Ashley

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have been sitting here for two hours trying to figure out how to reset it and this totally worked!

  • Rav

    Do I have to be in the netflix app?

    • http://kpbergman.com kpbergman

      When I used it, I was on the first screen after the app loaded. Hope that helps!

  • Jodale50

    I had a hard time figuring out what place in the Netflix app to be in to start the sequence. I finally tried it on the Netflix app select movie page and it worked. I tried everything before I found this info and nothing worked. It amazed me that this strange sequence on the TV remote works and nothing with the TV or Netflix documents it. Thanks for the help.

    • http://kpbergman.com/ Kelly P. Bergman

      Glad I could be of assistance!

  • bdub602

    the supernintendo code? are you sh***ing me…

    • http://kpbergman.com/ Kelly P. Bergman


    • ThaRza0325

      Technically its not a super Nintendo code or for that matter a code to any game

    • ChadF

      Now if the remote only had A, B, and Start buttons, maybe I could get unlimited Netflix devices too. ;)

      It’s one thing to add an arrow key pattern for a game “cheat” feature, but for a normal feature like deactivating a device, could we get more cryptic and less user friendly.

    • dtrain311

      my exact thoughts.

    • JustEric

      It’s known as the Konami Code. It originated on the NES, and of all the gaming platforms and was ever used on, the SNES is definitely near the bottom of the list in terms of number of games that utilized the code.

      Not really sure what possessed you to call it the “supernintendo [sic] code”…but now you know. :)

  • Greg_farrell

    I did something similar to Jodale50.  As the netflix program was loading – I clicked on the program at the bottom of my TV screen – I pressed your sequence.  It worked.  I also found out through Netflix that Vizio does not support close caption for Netflix.  Netflix provided me with the Vizio support number so I have to than Netflix for that.  Thank you for your sequence of ups and downs, and sideways.  That’s the way I feel right now!

    • http://kpbergman.com/ Kelly P. Bergman

      I’m sure these apps will continue to improve. Glad this could be of help.

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    thank you so much it actually work!!!

  • Squeek

    It worked thanks! Can’t believe that crazy sequence reset it. 

  • Alexsmith4885

    AWESOME thank you

  • Starsania

    Thank you so very much,  I couldn’t deactivate my account from the netflix website because my vizio device didn’t show up there. I tried your code and could deactivate it manually. I love you so much right now  <3  
    Thanks again!

  • Dpcr250r

    Wow, this is crazy!  Thank you very much, Works great!  This reminds me of the old school nintendo games like contra and such which you could enter codes in the begining of the game and have infinate lifes and what now!  Thanks again!

  • Amy

    Thank you. Netflix was frozen- the status bar wouldn’t load. I followed other instructions to reset the tv to factory settings, but it left Netflix at the same exact problem. This sequence loaded Netflix by “unsicking” the status bar so it moved, loaded. My Vizio is a model E322AR. Its only a month old and this is the first problem Ive had. Hopefully it stays that way!

  • Melispol88

    Thanks….worked and never wouldve thought of that :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPEHFB36O2FA4LC76UN55NUEAM Derek

    Thank you soooo much!!! After an hour of frustration and getting nowhere I tried this and it worked. Thanks again. You are a lifesaver!!!

  • BOB

    works fine.

  • Anacris Batista

     Thanks for this!  I appreciate your effort! 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/F5XVT4SWFMJNLEJGUZ46Q7AZO4 Joseph M

    Yeah… this worked!

  • Angel619baby

    thank you it worked out for me.

  • Chughead

    Is there a way to have the different Vizio Profiles attach to different Netflix Accounts?  I have my own instant queue and the kids have their own too.  It would be nice if it was possible to pull the right one up.

    • really

      i’m trying to find this answer, too…i would think it would be a more common question…please, let me know if you find the answer…thanks!

    • http://kpbergman.com/ Kelly P. Bergman

      I have not found this info yet. I will keep looking. Seems like the Vizio app isn’t made for it. On the Wii it is set up from when you start teh app to make a selection.

  • Davegilleo

    TThanks worked like a charm. Their software guys must e video game fans.

  • Traildogger1

    Bizarre, but it worked for me too! We have a Vizio E422VA and had this same problem after a family member had logged on to our tv during Thanksgiving. After some research, so glad I found this posting. Thanks!

  • Sgutierrez722

    It worked on the Nextflix movie page. Never would have guessed that on my own.

  • Misti Taylor

    it worked for me thanks!

  • Nicole Kirby

    Thank you!!

  • Tracymc0965

    ty so much, it worked great for my RCA streaming device.

  • Citizentom

    I can get to the screen that has the Deactivation button on it by using the remote up up down down, etc., but the remote won’t let be go up to select it. Any thoughts?

    • jd

      same problem, any fix yet?

      • Rajesh M

        I too had the same problem. This is how I enabled the Deactivation.

        1. Set the DHCP to off.
        2. Disconnect the Internet connection (switched my router).
        3. Open Netflix and press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP.
        4. You will see the cursor waiting for you at the Deactivate button…….

  • Brian_goins2000

    Awesome thank you.

  • Mekia

    Which screen selection do I go on to perform this procedute?

  • Judi

    Thank you so much for sharing and it is at the selection screen in Netflix that you start!

  • Mika

    Thanks I finally got it working..had a headache dealing with it but I got it…thanks

  • Amy Claunch Potts

    Strangely worked for me tonight… Thanks!

  • mena7

    genius!!! thanks for sharing, this was super helpful

  • kay

    thank you , thank you, after my fingers were sore from pressing buttons, this code finally worked!!!

  • nJ83

    It worked for me also.. I put the code in at the “Netflix”/ “Netflix for kids” screen.. works like a charm!

  • Lou Lou

    OMG Thanks!!! this works!

  • Kiki

    Thank you SOOO much this worked!!!!

  • gedc

    I tried this a million times on my vizio and no screen ever appeared netfliux worked one day and then no more

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    Oh wow this is sooo weird but it definitely works ! :) thank you

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    Thank you so much! It worked perfectly!

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    This worked EXACTLY! Thank you so very very much!

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    it worked for me I appreciate the help man

  • frank rizzo

    wait untill netflix loads completely then do the up up down down combo

  • wesley smith

    ok, I didn’t believe this crap either but it worked. I was on the page where it was asking for account info while in Netflix. Did the combo thing thinking it was BS. It worked. And for your dipshits, the code is from Contra, from the original Nintendo, not the Super Nintendo. F’ing dipshits and that code was Up Up DownDown Left Right Left Right A B select start, but close enough.

  • Redshoe1

    If I do this does it completely deactivate my Netflix account? Or just remove it from my tv?

    • http://kpbergman.com/ Kelly P. Bergman

      Removes it from your TV.

  • Confused&looking

    Well thank you so much for this info. We had switched Netflix accounts and couldn’t find anything on how to change the log in info. This worked perfect. Thanks again!!!

  • bill65

    wow…worked for me . thanx

  • JG

    It works fine. Instructions are clear just follow them as is. It took only 5 seconds.Thanks for sharing.

  • Brenda

    This worked great! It helped me know that I had to go to my Netflix account and activate my device. Thanks!!!

  • ToniBoy

    This is very very useful thank you

  • ToniBoy

    Haha btw this is not a video game so don’t compare it to a video game.:) thank you

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    It worked as a charm and saved my day … Thanks

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      Glad I was able to help! Have another great day!

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    Worked for me. Thanks a ton for sharing!!

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    OMFG yes I tried it and it did reset it I was like etc?

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    It worked for me , you have to go to the Netflix page so it’ll work I was a little confused but I got it

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    Had to get to the account renewal screen for it to work. But, it worked awesome! Many thanx!

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    Thank you…it worked perfectly! !

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    Worked like a charm. Reminds me of getting free lives and ammo on contra on the NES

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    Worked for me.thx for sharing

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    thank you. I’ve spent a week trying to figure this out. Thank you for posting

  • schizio

    The code works for me but I don’t get the disable option. Just the back. It also tells me the device is not registered but when I check the system info it says it is. (VIZIO)

  • Sandy

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
    This helped me out so much. I cannot express my appreciation!
    Thanks again!

  • Deadwood E

    It worked!!!

  • Britt

    Thank you so much! We bought this TV from someone and was using his Netflix account and it was driving me crazy, and then he stopped paying his bill and I couldn’t figure out how to get mine to log in!

  • Norm Brekke

    Well, this is just SO intuitive! NOT! Thanks so much for the help.

    • http://kpbergman.com/ Kelly P. Bergman

      What device are you trying this on? After you start Netflix the code should work. Where are you stuck?

      • Norm Brekke

        Sorry for the confusion, Kelly. Actually, YOUR code did work. My comment about the “intuitive” nature of the disabling was in reference to how difficult Netflix/Vizio made the process. Your help was 100% effective. Thanks again . . and sorry for the thinly veiled sarcasm concerning Netflix/Vizio.

  • Matt Felgenhauer

    this didn’t work at all, You all suck

    • http://kpbergman.com/ Kelly P. Bergman

      What device are you trying this on? It works on several different platforms.

  • Ab San

    I did it, and it works. But I can’t find the “Disable” button. I have a Vizio E332 AR tv. help!

    • http://kpbergman.com/ Kelly P. Bergman

      On many of the devices people have said that you just need to remove your information and save. That way when it try to connect the next time it doesn’t work. There isn’t always a button.

  • mike


  • kfitz

    My nieces had added their profiles, I used this to delete theirs and add mine. Only worked while loading Netflix before getting to the movie selection screen.

  • Jo Lynn B

    It worked!

  • Liz

    In the reset of the Netflix account, can you select SD instead of HD to save on your data plan for the watching on the TV? I was able to unselect HD when watching on the computer screen, but don’t find any way to do that on the TV?

  • Kate

    My Netflix app on my Vizio gives me an error message and does not continue to the main screen of the app, so it won’t let me use the remote sequence. I’ve used this sequence to fix problems in the past with my TV, but now it won’t let me use it. Any suggestions? I’ve already factory reset.

    • http://kpbergman.com kpbergman

      What error does it give you?

      • Kate

        Here is the error message:
        “Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your home network and streaming device. For more information, visit netflix.com/nethelp. Code: nw-2-5″
        I have factory reset my TV, and I cannot reset my network since I am connected to a Wi-Fi network provided by my school (I know Netflix is not blocked by the network because it worked all last semester, and no one else is having this issue).

        • http://kpbergman.com kpbergman

          It looks more like an internet issue. Check out the Netflix page: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/14424

          • Kate

            I’ve tried everything on the page that I can except for using an Ethernet cable. I’ve tried using the Ethernet cable before to get a better connection, when I could still use Netflix on my TV, but my TV seemed to detest having a wired connection (wouldn’t acknowledge that it was, in fact, connected). When I test the network connection it shows red Xs next to Netflix servers 1, 2, 3, and 4, but a green check next to internet connection. I just tried other apps in my TV, and they’re not working either…

          • http://kpbergman.com kpbergman

            If all the apps aren’t working then it seems like a TV problem or connection to the wireless. It would be super hard for me to help you figure this out from a comment.

          • Kate

            After discovering the other apps were not working, I kinda figured that was the case. Thanks for your help anyway!

  • andrea

    just reactivates as the same origional account even if on my home computer i activate it on my personal profile.

    • http://kpbergman.com kpbergman

      This code is to remove the account info from the TV, it doesn’t change your account information.

  • Linda

    I tried it the way you listed and it didn’t work, however, your advise helped. I went in on controls on the Vizio and was able to reset to factory settings and this actually updated all information and now Netflix works again. Your advise got me to looking for a way to reset it and you were right, that was the key. Thanks.

  • Anmar Ibrahim

    I want free netflix account

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      that would be nice

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    Worked like a charm!!!!!

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    It’s stuck showing software version